View Full Version : eye pulling sensation, can't sleep

06-13-2014, 02:00 AM
Since April 25, I can hardly sleep because of a pulling sensation in the eyes. If I close my eyes, draw the eye muscles still together. Sometimes the muscles of the eyelid too.
I've been 4 times to the doctor and have an MRI scan, but had no result. Except my sinuses were slightly up. Doctor says it might be stress. But I've always been healthy and experience some stress, but not really. Furthermore, an optometrist examined my eyes, and I have a new pair of reading glasses purchased. I have an office job and sit all day on the screen, what I'm trying to limit now. Because of the sleep problems, I'm exhausted.
It is striking that I have been for a root canal at the dentist at April 25. Two weeks before I had dizziness complaints. The doctor said I had a virus on the cochlea.
In the past I've often suffer from frozen shoulder and neck muscles. Could this be a cause? I read somewhere that the eye muscles are connected to the neck muscles, and can come as the neck muscles stuck into a fix.
I become desperate. I did not sleep for 2 months or bad. Does anyone have any idea what could be the cause? The doctors do not know, and I have been here in the Netherlands drowsy googled what it could be, but no one who has. I have a while magnesium pills swallowed without result. I cycle a lot, a lot of walking, and swimming 1x per week. Sleeping succeed occasionally, often only sleep medication. HELP.
Thanks for reading!