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06-14-2014, 08:07 AM
Hello, As a last resort i have joined the health board and i'm seeking some help in understanding what could possibly be wrong with me, so please bare with.

where to start?

approximately After about seven months into the year 2013 i started experiencing a vast range of unexplained symptoms gradually building up which has affected my psychical and mental state dramatically. My hair started to change in last July going from thick curly hair with shine to dull/dry lack luster hair as well as experiencing a color change from dark brown to a brown/blond. at this time my hair wasn't falling out just yet. Fast forward to late October my hair started to shed like crazy within a few weeks my hairs density started to decline, i noticed The hair would fall out or with the lightest touch would be easily pulled out, also my scalp would go through a tingling sensation in areas on my head including my temples. Over the next few months i then started to develop other problems such as fatigue, insomnia unable to wake up refreshed, pains in abdomen when bladders becoming full, difficulty remembering, dizziness, constant head ache, night sweats, shortness of breath, and have recently started to loose pubic under arms,groin and facial hair again the hair is extremely dry brittle and discolored. As you notice there's quite a list of symptoms here i have been to my local doctors numerous times yet they don't seem to do anything or seem that bothered about my health concerns instead my doctor said its OCD???? how that's possible i have no clue. But for the past three years i've became pale, with constant cold hands and feet and my nails are fairly pale aswell with a tint of blue, when this occurred i was going through a phase where i wasn't eating at all apart from the odd baked potato with beans every now and then i dropped down to 7 and a half stone at age 17 5,6"ft clearly thats not a healthy weight, since then i have been eating alot better trying to get in my carbs, fats, and proteins needles to say i still don't eat a great deal in fear of gaining too much fat, because i seem to gain it easily i weigh 10 stone now,e my question is for past 3-4 years could i be extremely deficient in numerous vitamin/minerals? or could it be hormonal diabetes, thyroid issue?? i have completely no idea!? it's becoming worse and i have no idea what to do about it all! all my time is spent looking for answers as my doctor doesn't seem to help one bit I've had a few blood tests for which I've had to force the doctors in doing but were reluctantly carried out. thyroid, vitamin d, vitamin b12, iron deficiency, I'm not entirely sure if the tests that had been run would so anything or not, here's a full list of test and results:-

for anemia:- i had a serum ferritin done december 2013
value of "44.1 ug/L"

for thyroid:- i had a serum TSH level done may 2014, value of "1.15miu/L"

for vitamin b12:- i had a serum vitamin b12 test done may 2014 value of
"474 ng/L"

as for vitamin d level i don't think i ever got results back :/

again i'm not sure if these are the usual test procedures looking for things because my doctor doesn't explain. Please if any one has any advice on what could possibly be wrong or suggest tests to have run would be very much appreciated, i feel alone in the fact that the doctors don't fully understand how much distress this is causing and how ill i really feel my quality of life isn't the way it was or should be. feel free to comment i need as much help as possible because i simply cannot continue like this! :(

thank you for taking your time to read


06-14-2014, 01:23 PM
You really need a fresh start with a new Dr! It is ludicrous that this one has not done more tests on you. Your symptoms are suggestive of thyroid disease, possibly autoimmune (Hashimoto's), and could be either high or low. A TSH by itself is not adequate to assess thyroid function. You need Free T3 and 4 and anti-thyroid antibodies, both anti-TG and anti-TPO. You also need a CBC, sed rate, CRP, complete metabolic panel, and an ANA and urinalysis to screen for lupus. That should get some clues at least. Be sure when you get tests done you always get a copy of results for yourself. Many people get told their results are "normal" when they clearly are not! ???
OCD??? I think not. The color description in your nails sounds like probable Raynaud's, a vascular spasm that occurs in many autoimmune diseases. Good luck and I hope your next, new Dr. is kind and competent and interested in helping you.

06-15-2014, 06:38 PM
thank you so much ladybud for your response really appreciated! please can you give me the complete list with what i should go to the doctors with i'm finding it difficult to read. " Dyslexic" also how do i find out what levels are healthy when i receive my copy of results?

06-15-2014, 08:20 PM
When you get lab results on paper, there is always a reference range next to your results that are considered normal. If you number falls within the range, it is probably ok, although if borderline hi or lo, may be a clue and have some significance. The tests I would recommend are those mentioned in previous post, at least initially. More specific tests can be run after the initial ones to follow up on any abnormalities. There are thousands of blood tests, and they must be handpicked to match your symptoms and likely problems based on history, physical exam, lifestyle, family history, occupational and travel exposure, etc. The medical science and human body is incredibly complex, which most people don't realize. It is not a cookbook kind of process with easy to follow algorithms for diagnosis. It is a big puzzle with many pieces, and one missing piece can prevent the whole picture from developing. You are wise to be looking at this yourself and asking questions. Many patients come up with their own diagnosis through research and self advocacy. A good Dr will listen and act upon reasonable suggestions, IMO. Don't be afraid to be a full time partner in finding out what is wrong with your health.