View Full Version : Should I trust a negative anal pap?

06-19-2014, 09:57 PM
Hi. I recently had an anal pap smear done and it came back negative. What prompted me to get one is that I have a history of CIN, VIN, & VAIN caused by HPV so being that I have all those, AIN became a concern for me as well. It's so ridiculous that I had to go through 2 doctors before I found one that would actually give me an anal pap. It was as though my concern wasn't valid or something. My gyno wouldn't give me one, a colorectal surgeon that I've seen for hemorrhoids said he didn't have the means to give me one, if you can believe that, plus he basically told me anal cancer is inoperable, scaring me even more after refusing to give me an anal pap, then finally, my gyn-oncologist gave me an anal pap and it came back negative. My gyn-onc just recently did a laser on my vulvar and vaginal areas to remove some extremely severe pre-cancerous areas. She also did a few areas around the outside of my anus, which is confusing to me because if my anal pap was negative then why do anything to that area? She said she saw something but it was never clarified that it was warts or off looking tissue or what so I don't know. I have a post op appt with her soon. I want another anal pap, but should I trust that it would detect anything abnormal/pre cancerous in my anus? I've read about an anoscope or something, but it doesn't seem like they would just go in with a scope unless I had an abnormal anal pap smear. I have precancerous changes in my cervix, vulvar, and vaginal areas and I'm so concerned that there are precancerous changes in my anus as well despite the negative anal pap. Can anyone give me a better idea on how all this anal pap and early detection of anal cancer is supposed to be approached or am I doing all that I need to? Should I push for a different kind of test, and if so which one? I just don't want to miss anything. Thanks so much in advance for responses.