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06-20-2014, 08:11 PM
Hi everyone! im hoping somebody here can help me with my situation or maybe i can get some advice or ideas from you all. Ive been dealing with weird feelings all over my body for more than 5 months, its so hard fpr me to explain everything that im dealing with so i will mention all my symptoms: Lump in throat feeling 24/7, sometimes it feels like mucus, sometimes like a golf ball, its a horrible feeling having this lump in my throat for so long, I also have dysphagia, i cant eat solid foods for nothing it seems like the food doesnt want to come down from my throat and it gives me the feeling of chocking, I went from 112 pounds to 93 pounds so im iving practically in vitamins and liquid food for all this months, I feel constant pressure on my face starting in my left temple down to my jaw with tingling all over my face, but the pressure its the worse! its like the nerves in my face are hipersensitive, feels like spider **** in my face! i also feel like if somebody its pulling my toes out from my right leg, brain fog, fatigue, eye pain with blurre vision, i feel like dizzy and weak, sometimes after i eat i get chest pain or esophageal pain, im belching like crazy even after drinking some water, stuffy nose, tightness in my throat and chest, sometimes shortness of breath, stomach issues, my lips feels like they are burning sometimes, my head feels heavy that I just want to rest in a pillow, and because all of this im also suffering from anxiety and panick attacks every single day! internal tremors, sometimes I feel electrical shocks coming from my upper teeth and last just for seconds, lower back pain, leg pain, contant throat clearing, irritability, sore throat, and the list go on and on, I went to several doctors incluiding specialist like GI, ENT and INTERNIST, with no luck on founding what I have, I have done to many tests incluiding: MRI in brain which came back normal, CT SCAN in throat everything was fine except for a sinus infection or something like that, several blood tests the last one my WBC was so high i don't even know why, and my vitamin D levesl low, magnesium low, and phosphorous low, thyroid levesl normal, Thyroid ultrasound normal, EKG normal, ECG normal, Endoscopy normal, no acid reflux or nothing , Laryngoscopy normal, Chest xrays normal, throat xrays normal! Everything looks normal but I feel horrible every single day! with all this neurological issues in my face and the lump feeling with dyspahagia! The last doctor I went to told me I should check with some allergy test, but I don't know if all of this could be allergy relate because i keep changing my diet and I even change location by moving to a dif state, sometimes I think im suffering from a neurological issues but I don't know what kind, because I don't know if anxiety can cause all of this weird horrible feelings, sometimes I think its maybe Lyme if it wasn't for the Mri I would think I have MS, or LPR?, or globus hytericus? or fibro? or high anxiety? or an immune system issue?? . I just don't know! The medication im taking its nexium 40mgs in the morning and 40 mgs at night thinking that maybe was Gerd, and sometimes when im feeling really really bad I take a 1/4 of Xanax but that its once an a while because I don't want to get into this type of meds, im also taking Vitamin D, electrolytes, and omega 3, just in case and lots and lost of green juices, I also start with a gluten free diet, but seems like nothing helps with my issues not even the Xanax, the only thing the Xanax its doing its keeping my anxiety down but doesn't last and all the weird feelings come back! I don't know what to do next, i have already spend thousands of dollar, with no health insurance, with no results, its so frustrating! my next bet its a Neurology? and a speech pathology to help me with my dysphagia. Does anybody have any ideas what this could be or try next! please I really want my life back, im in tears writing all of this, Im just walking in the darkness and I don't even know what to try next but I need help really bad. My heart and prayers goes to you all. Thank you for reading!

06-21-2014, 04:04 AM
While it might not take care of everything, I second the allergist suggestion. Get tested - the scratch test for environmental allergies. Also, look into OAS for the lips thing - Oral Allergy Syndrome.

06-23-2014, 01:11 PM
test lyme disease igenex