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06-21-2014, 05:11 AM
Hi !

33 y.o. male here

I'm currently sick. As of date I'm dealing with several illnesses: chronic dizziness (like I'm in a constantly floating in a boat feeling) , spinning dizziness ,falling and sinking type of feeling, tinnitus, brain fog, migraines, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, gastrointestinal problems( gurgling, acid reflux, food sensitivities), allergic rhinitis , post nasal drip, body weakness, loss of appetite(recently) .

Why i think i have candida? Well for the longest time I had gastro intestinal problems, allergic rhinitis and migraines.
The anxiety and the dizziness that happened To me recently seeemed it's caused by something else and not psychological in nature. It's hard bec no one believes in this theory of mine.

Here's a chronological summary of my illnesses:
Taking rivotril (clonazepam-anti anxiety); zescita (escitalopram-anti depressant)
May 2014 - dizziness intensified. I couldn't tolerate sitting still. I End up reclining or lying in bed to feel relief.
Jan 6 2014 - had a bout of vertigo dizziness
Jan 9 2014 - went to a neurologist was diagnosed with vestibular migraine. Was prescribed with vertigo medicine and calcium channel blockers to suppress the migraine but it didn't work.stopped taking it after three days. Only the rivotril was giving me relief though the downside to that is I need to take it daily again. Developed tinnitus and occasional arthritic pain on my left hand(sign of an immune attack)
Oct-dec 2013 - started getting in and off falling sinkin feeling if I'm seated or woken g Ina computer. That feeling would last for 2 seconds and will go away.
Along this time I had stretched my rivotril and zescita intake and weaned/stretched it to 9 days.
Feb-sept 2013 - thought I only had anxiety and depression and managed these illneses by taking anti anxiety medication and anti depressant medication.
Feb 2013 - went to see a psychiatrist to seek help regarding my anxiety problems. Aside from the constant ruminating of anxious thoughts I get other symptoms like Chest pain, tightness of chest dizziness, palpitations, muscle twitching, insomnia, developed depression, etc.
Dec 2012 - two days free Xmas I had my first panic attack ad anxiety attack which led to hyperventilation. What triggered the panic attack was a dizzy spell which was like a really bad one. I thought that day I was going to die.

Oct 2012-dec 2012
On several occasions id wake up from early evening naps feeling delirious like I don't know where I am. I'd snap back to reality but it was really making me anxious.
Also my body started getting tired all the time like I'm always sleepy.

Jan 2012 had an MRI To rule out any problems in my brain bec I was constantly getting migraines . Before it was seldom now it was like once a month. Results show no brain problem.
Dec 2011 had gastrointestinal problems . Due to stress/pressures from work I developed high acidity and food sensitivities. Id get stomach pain, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, acid reflux.
I was prescribed with proton pump inhibitors and antacids to relieve myself of the pain. Stuck to the antacid for almost a year (till 2012).

2006 went oral surgery to remove impacted teeth which im sure was treated with antibiotics after the procedure and maintenance.

Had on an off allergic rhinitis. I took antibiotics and anti histamine to control the post nasal drip.
Had on and off migraines and took Advil and paracetamol to deal with the pain.
Occasionally get migraines.

2000-hospitalized for acute appendicitis (no X-ray just diagnosis) bec of intense pain in my gut and was given antibiotics thru IV for several days.

2000-1990 swam dealt with on and off nasal allergies. WAs prescribed with anti histamines .
Had twice fungal infection on my groin but treated with an anti fungal ointment.
Had fungal infection on my toes due to swimming.
Got nasal irritation also from swimming in chlorinated pool.

What's also making me pinpoint candida is the diet that I had. I l used to love eating processed foods, junk foods, sugar, desserts, which fed on candida. Plus the fact I have a history of antibiotic use and gastrointestinal problems

I read during research on the net that migraines and psychological problems are linked to candida.

What got me really worried lately are my dizzy spells . They're intensifying and if ill base it on my neurologists diagnosis there's apparently no cure. I believe I don't have vestibular migraine and that dizziness is linked to toxins caused by something in my gut.

how can I be you able to zero in if it is candida, h pylori, or parasitic infection? or is it caused by other illnesses.

Your advise would really mean a lot to me. I feel so alone on my struggle bec no one gets what I'm feeling even my family:(

It'd mean the world to me to hear from you peeps.


06-21-2014, 08:30 AM
Hi, there are several tests to determine candida including blood, stool, skin and spit tests Due to the widespread use of antibiotics candida has reached epic proportions with many left undiagnosed to suffer with endless trips to specialists who perform endless tests while the candida diagnosis goes under the radar. One supplement that stops candida yeast dead in its' tracks is grapefruit seed extract as the contained preservative potassium sorbate has been shown to be a quite effective yeast killer. Also it would be a good idea to take probiotics daily to replenish your gut with good bacteria for digestive and immune support.Hope this helps you out....