View Full Version : Rare lymph found in CSF

07-04-2014, 09:43 AM
I have been having many neurological symptoms such as headache, left arm numbness, left leg heaviness and pain, blurred and double vision, loss of balance, trouble remembering and thinking of what to say. I had an MRI of the brain done witch only showed one small lesion and a fetal PCA on the left side. According to my neurologist all was normal. I had these same symptoms but worse later on where I was advised by my neurologist to head to the hospital. I went to the ER where they performed a CTA that came back normal and they also did a spinal tap. While in the hospital they told me that everything was normal with my spinal tap and they believed that this was just migraines. I have noticed that my lymph nodes are very enlarged and painful (this was verified by the breast surgeon I see via ultrasound).I also have an abscess on both breasts that keep reappearing. I just got the results of my lumbar puncture in writing and where it is supposed to show the % of lymphocytes found in my CSF it doesn't give a percentage and just says "rare lymph found on slide". Also my RBC was elevated to 11mm. Can all of this be related and if so what could it be? Thanks in advance!