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07-12-2014, 01:50 PM
I will be having surgery sometime this month, my right side is 90-95% closed and left is 80-85% closed with a loop in the vein The right one first and then the left one. I have Afib and just got out of the hospital because of a kidney stone, I am on Coumadin .I have been having my eyes blacked out for about 30 seconds and then go back to normal, and I had a dizzy spell that went away but I felt like something was going to happen and couldn't shake it. I seen my Dr. and he sentme to vascular surgeon, after testing this has been the outcome. I'm 74 yrs old, had a liver transplant in 2010, notbecause of alcohol, it was a immune problem. I have been walking about 1and a half miles a day, I have 4 acres I mow and am very active. Since I got out of the hospital after a 4 day stay I can't do anything, I get very winded and my pulse goes to 131. I have been pput on oxygen at nite, because my oxsygen level goes down when I'm asleep.All this has happened I n two weeks. I have to see a cardiologist Thursday to get o.k. for surgery and I haveto see a urologist Tuesday for the kidney stone problem. He is going to cut into my neck he said. I have had 3 mini strokes before my livertransplant.
Has anyone had all these problems especially the breathing problem.