View Full Version : Aches, Pains, Stiffness and Acid Reflux.

07-15-2014, 03:56 AM
Hi guys. Im new to this site but lets hope I can get some answers.
Im a 45 year old female and would be overweight but active and my weight has never been a problem to me other than the fact that Ive been Suffering with aches, pains and stiff joints for some time. I also have acid Reflux dont know if related but reading posts they can be. Ive been told there nothing wrong with me as such by my doctor who did some bloods so Im wonder just what is the problem.
I have degenerative disc disease which may answer my back problems with some referred shoulder pain. Ive had a discectomy c6-67 3 years ago which was 80% successful in that I sometimes suffer with neck/shoulder pain. It settles down again but lately I feel there is something wrong again so waiting an mri to confirm. Mother has haemochromatosis (over saturation of iron) which causes joint pain, tiredness, etc but I was tested last yr and they said I didnt have it.
Can anyone shed some light on my symptoms and any ideas as to where I go from here medical or otherwise.
Looking forward to hearing what you might think and suggest. Thanks. B.