View Full Version : neck pain and meningitis

07-18-2014, 09:33 AM
I got really sick in January. I had a high fever and body aches just like when you get the flu. However, I had severe neck pain that was so bad, I had to sleep sitting up because the pain involved in raising my head off the pillow was excruciating. I was in and out of bed for 2-3 weeks until the fever finally went away. However, the neck pain is still there after 6 months, although not like it was when I was sick. I later discovered that there were many cases of meningitis reported in my area around that time. I did not have any vomiting at all though. I guess my question is, if I did have a form of meningitis, can it cause permanent neck pain? The pain is isolated to the lower left where the trapezius muscle is located. If not meningitis, what else could have caused the neck pain to persist even after all these months?