View Full Version : Changing IBS Symptoms

07-20-2014, 11:33 PM
I've had issues with IBS for 6 years now. I've had periods when it is fairly stable. Other times, I have tons of issues with diarrhea followed by a day or two going less. About a month ago, I switched from dicyclomine to Lotronex to help stabilize the number of really bad "D" days I was having. Lately, I've only been going once or twice most days which is a huge change from the 6-20 times a day I'd been experiencing. Unfortunately, I've had 4 times in the last month that I've experienced the urgent explosive 'D' about 1/2-1 hour after eating. Typically my issues last for several hours in the mornings and are not after meals. I haven't been able to track a commonality between the meals. I'll continue to monitor, but I'm a bit confused right now.

I've been tested for food allergies by my Allergist and they came back negative. I've had repeated tests through biopsies and samples for H. Pylori, Celiac, and C. Diff and they have all come back negative as well. Most recently last fall for the biopsies.

I'm really worried one of these days I'll totally embarrass myself if the urgency hits and I can't get to a bathroom in time. Any suggestions?