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07-28-2014, 08:57 AM
My son has been living in California for the last 6 years on an off. In the last 2 years he has been using meth everyday. I live in ohio. On July 3 rd the police had to remove him from his apartment. He broke back in an got arrested for trespass but was quickly released. He was sending us messages asking for help so I rounded up money I didnt have to get him a ticket home an fly out to get him. I was not prepared for what I seen when I got there. He was delusional schizophrenic mean destructive. He said he wasnt coming back. I told him wouldn't force him but he needed help. Finally he decided to go. Getting him through the Lax airport was a nightmare. On the 6 hour flight we did not sit together. I got off first at our layover. As I was getting off the plane T S A agents was running to it. I knew he had did something. He wrote help me on bathroom mirror on plane an told the attendants I was kidnapping him for human trafficking. Finally they believed me about his condition an the airline had someone fly the rest of way beside him. We got him admired on 3 day hold at local hospital an they was giving him risperdal which seemed helping. They released him to a homeless shelter because He scares me an is so destructive. Slowly his mind is getting better but he quit taking meds. He is doing some crazy stuff refusing any treatment to work. He wont do nothing. He wants to go back to California but he has no home. Before I seen how bad his condition was I told him stay with me a bit. Now he is throwing that back at me that I asked him come stay with me. He stayed 2 nights an I he has to be watched like a kid. I feel guilty putting him on street because told him he could stay but no one knew how bad his condition was. The police been called several times here. He dont feel he has a problem an 25 years old an wont be told what to do. I am getting sick mentally an ohysically trying to help him. Financially im sinking because missing work. Everyone says put him on street an make him hit bottom. He has 11 days meth free right now an im afraid lose that. Please need advice.

10-05-2014, 06:28 PM
Hello missy.

How is the situation currently?

If you would like to talk further,please let me know.

The thing here that seems appropriate is "tough love."

You must not allow his addiction to bring you down..

There are plenty of support groups to explore....