View Full Version : Obsession with the position of my television

08-23-2014, 04:32 PM
Hi everyone,

I am currently diagnosed with OCD, along with extreme levels of stress and anxiety. My obsessions come and go, often related to different things. However, recently, there has been one thing really bugging me to death in my mind. If I am not directly in front of my TV screen when sitting on my couch, I can't focus on the TV. And I mean like, directly in front, halfway between the screen. Square on. Its crazy I know. The problem with this, is that I can't get my couch to be exactly aligned in front of the TV due to the furniture set up in my apartment. I'm in front of it, just not 100% square on.

I feel crazy writing this. I'm wondering if anyone has had similar obsession issues to mine. I try to tell myself, "Hey, not everyone in the room can be exactly in front of the TV, its fine, that's reality". Or "Hey, look, I'm on this cushion and I'm closer to the TV than I would be if this were a love seat couch and it was positioned in the middle. I would be on one side and not as close to middle as I am now."

Any tips you guys have to remind myself its okay? Anything you guys can think of. Do you guys have to be DIRECTLY square on, in front of your TV. If not, would you so kindly comment and tell me why it doesn't matter.

I'm driving myself bonkers with this.