View Full Version : Help with this please? Could this rectal pressure be a sign of ibs?

08-29-2014, 01:53 PM
Ok so I've posted a few thing about this I think but I can't take it anymore. And I can't afford to keep going to the doctor :( back in march I went through some extreme stress in my life and began feeling very dizzy. The dizziness was diagnosed as labrynthitis which I still suffer with daily. But shortly after being diagnosed with that (I was getting anxious and panicky after being diagnosed with labs since it lasts a long time and makes you feel generally unwell constantly) i started having low back pain and this constant pressure in my rectum. Sometimes it's like the feeling of gas welling up but nothing comes out...just this pressure of pushing out happens. I then went to the doctor about that and she suggested internal hemroids and gave me some cream that hasn't helped. Not to be gross but when I do pass gas it smells terrible :/ and my bm's seem mostly normal but sometimes they are soft and sometimes they are harder and cause a tear which causes a light bit of blood (blood which of course I start thinking means I have rectal cancer) and now in addition to the pressure my upper right abdomen is causing me sharp pain a good bit of the time and I belch up a lot after eating. Yes I have been stressed out this whole time..cause I'm still scared about my inner ear issue. I feel like it will never get better. But does this pressure and side pain sound like it could be ibs? The pressure feeling is like I can't control the way I hold my anus if that makes any sense. Like it's unsettled feeling i dont know. And another thing I have had a slight problem with anxiety since age 13 and noticed weird pressure at the top of my abdomen under my lungs and have experienced that for years. I'm 21 now. And help would be appreciated!

09-11-2014, 04:15 PM
The pressure is related to hemorrhoids or piles, i had it last year but after eating fibre everyday and making my stool soft it went away in 10 days or so