View Full Version : Please help me, I'm desperate (what could this be?)

08-31-2014, 06:23 AM
Hi all. I know we have a lot of these types of threads, but I've been suffering every day for months on end and the doctors in my area just aren't able to find out what's up. I'm a 30 year old male, was a light smoker but not anymore. Slightly overweight.

My symptoms started on June 25th (a few weeks after a severe bout of campylobacter food poisoning). Here is the list:

- Dizziness. Not full-on spinning, it's more like a swaying, dream-like feeling where I feel like I don't exist. Feel close to fainting at times but haven't yet. Almost constant.

- Weak, rubbery knees. They feel heavy, uncooperative, and it's like they want to buckle when I walk. I can get around, but it's quite difficult, along with the dizziness. Almost constant.

- Joint pain. First it was knees, and this past week shoulders. The pain flared up really badly for a number of days then subsided in both cases.

- Breathlessness/torso discomfort. The last 2 weeks I am very out of breath, panting a lot of the time, and have some chest pressure, occasional rib/back pain. Even at rest/with talking.

- Testicle pain. Had a bad bout of this a few weeks back, and it lasted for 2-3 weeks maybe.

- Random head jerks. Sometimes when I look left or right, my head jerks quickly/mechanically.

- Brain fog. Can't concentrate, I mess up sentences sometimes, I forget what I'm doing.

- Fatigue. Extremely tired.

I've also had a few extremely bad headaches here and there and some other random aches and pains, and occasional sore/tickly throat.

Within the last 2 months, I've had a full body MRI including spine, full blood work, EKG, EMG, heart ultrasound, testicular ultrasound, lumbar puncture, urine sample and chest x-ray. Nothing is showing up. My vitals are good, I tested negative for lyme, borrelia, HIV and rheumatoid arthritis, but we are currently re-testing for lyme. I am desperate. I am in pain and discomfort every minute of every day, and basic functioning is difficult.

Anyone with any obscure ideas? I am crying most every day lately.

08-31-2014, 11:50 AM
hi six ! so so so sorry about your issues ! many of your symptoms sound like fibromyalgia and diabetes....hows your blood pressure ? i kinda think that you may have more than one issue which is maybe a little harder to diagnose. are you on any meds right now ? do you have any upcoming dr appointments ? have you seen a pulmonary dr ?

please keep us posted and continue your search for answers. most of us here have several health issues - it seems like once you have one answer the rest comes more easily diagnosed. the first thing i would suggest is an anti-depressant to help with the tears; some of them also help with pain as well so its a double relief with one medication.

my issues started with a bladder infection, quickly followed by viral bronchitis and bleeding ulcers 8 years ago. when they cleared up, i just never felt the same; always tired, achy joints, back pain, headaches, trouble concentrating etc. i felt waaaaay older than my age. but i kept plugging along, getting reprimanded at work for mistakes made during foggy times, feeling exhausted even if i slept, blah blah blah.....it took awhile to put everything together but i finally have what i believe is a correct diagnosis - fibromyalgia, IBS, pancreatic enzyme deficiency, paralyzed left side diaphragm and asthma.

i take multiple meds every day....have good days and bad days....but am blessed everyday with my partner (he's fantastic) my dog, my roommate and my family....so when i am laying in bed, tears streaming down my face in agony on a bad day, i count my blessings and let my body just relax and feel the pain and ride it out.....it's the only way i can survive.....

so don't give up ! answers are out there ! (am having terrible brain fog while i write this....took me a LONG time! spell check is my friend!!!)

take care my dear !

08-31-2014, 11:54 AM
Hi, have you ever been on medium or long term antibiotics? If you have then your risk for Candida rises dramatically. The Candida yeast can negatively effect every major system of the body and it is a diagnosis that is very often over looked. At first I thought of Lyme disease but saw later in your post you were tested for it. Also with Candida people can manifest digestive problems as well along with the brain fog and fatigue that you already experience......good luck with this

09-01-2014, 01:28 AM
Thank you both very much for the responses!

Len, I was on antibiotics for a while, and I did consider candida. I think it could play a role in this somehow.

Parker, so sorry to hear of your condition. It sounds so awful. I'm glad you've got good support to help you through the tough times. I just keep thinking, if I'm starting down the same road, I don't know how I will get through it. I know some people are worse off than me, but I can't imagine being 30 and having this forever. I admire you for being able to cope.

In any case, I am trying to keep positive, but it only lasts for brief amounts of time. I asked at the hospital today as to whether I could simply admit myself until they figure it out, but no luck. I'll have to push my primary care doc some more I suppose. Given all the tests I've had it seems so unlikely that they've missed anything, but I still keep thinking there's some sinister cancer lurking in a crevice that's been overlooked. It seems more likely to be in the chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia area I suppose.