View Full Version : A change of IBS pattern (any seniors on board).

09-01-2014, 12:05 PM
I was dxed with IBs when I was about 35, my colon was in spasms when I had a lower GI done, my gastro at that time said you are lucky now you need no more tests. Well in my opinion IBS is not a lucky draw.

I knew where every bathroom was in every store or restaurant but my bm's were basically not formed but loose and looked like D when I flushed. Than I seemed to get some relief, not normal BM's and not without pain but not running 5 or more times a day, all of a sudden it was back for months, a come and go flares type for all these years. Now I seem to be going all day, before about lunch I was feeling better, last night I had to get out of bed 3 times, just went a little and the stool was small and formed, this is my normal bm now small but a lot of pieces.

I take metamucil every night, drink a lot of water, I kept a food diary nothing ever seemed to cause the flares, I could eat the same things and flare or not flare. I tried pro-biotics, meds and just keep having this darn thing. my butt gets sore from running and now I have hemorrohroids. I feel like I need to go and don't have to at times. Get very Gassy and burp often.

I am up to date on my colons, need one in 2 years.
No polyps this last test so Dr. said I could now go 5 years.

Any seniors here who see changes with IBS and aging


09-08-2014, 03:07 PM
I am soon to be 66 and I have had IBS-D since the birth of my first child 42 years ago, due to a horrible birth for both of us. It has been a long difficult road! I have been on disability since 1995; I had the best teaching job...chorus and across the hall my husband taught HS Band. I have had tons of accidents!! It seems like the older that I get, the worse the IBS becomes, but I am trying to discipline myself enough to go on the LOW FODMAP Diet, which should help. I have tried before, but I seem to make it for a couple of days and then I'm right back eating everything and anything. My medications include Lotronex 2X per day, and I alternate the other typical ones such as imodium (there is a prescription for it that is cheaper), hyscosamine, and others. I know I need to be on the diet. If you search for it on face book, there are some great groups and you can find great info without having to spend tons of money on books, etc. It is a complicated diet and it has been hard for me because I cook for my husband; he is also Mayor of our city and there are a lot of functions that I have to go to. I also teach piano lessons at home, so I guess I am a hyper musician....as is my husband...wah-lah....bad IBS-DDDDD!!!!! I am between students, so forgive any errors.....sc

10-13-2014, 04:30 PM
I am 71' still fighting the ibs demon.....I will be fine for a while then out of the blue a flare up will start and go on and on, ep in the spring and like now the fall....having a bad one with going in the middle of the night which I never did when I was younger ...have had this for twenty fie trs or more. As a senior I notice a lot of difference with ibs. None of it good...just worse