View Full Version : 16year old with constant 3-year symptoms and no diagnosis or relief (Please help)

12-04-2014, 09:05 AM
My now 16year old son has been having issues now for 3-years.

-(10/2011) at age 13 had tonsils and adenoids removed after several years of multiple bouts with strep. No other issues except strep for those years.
-Post surgery not feeling well and within 1-week brought to ER due to dehydration, not eating and talking weak.
Another ER visit 3-days later w/incredible thoat pain and weak headache.
-3-weeks later to Pediatrician w/horrible headache (tight band feeling around entire head) which last 3-days and rundown feeling.
-Back to ER and now headache lasted 4.5days (ER gave 5mg Reglan helped a little). CAT Scan and blood work negative. Referred to Neuro and additional blood work.
-Back to ER 13-days later w/stomach and migraines continue. (IV-Reglan, seizure reaction. Switch to Torodal w/minor relief)
-"Migraines" and stomach issue continue w/no relief: Pediatric Neuro (in patient and office visits) w/several med changes and testings. meds: depacote(IV/pills), Zofran, prilosec, zomig, carafate, topamax, predisone. Tests: Lumbar puncture, C-spine x-ray, MRA of neck/cervical spine, head/brain.
-Boston Childrens Hospital for pain management, w/no results ie: drink gatorade
-(6/2013) Michigan Headache Neurological Institute (MHNI), in-patient 7-day treatment w/several treatments and med changes. Discharged w/Baclofen and Depacon (w/Bilateral 2-nerve occipital maracaine nerve block). Discharged and Completely pain free for 12-straight days.
-Pain returns and nerve blocks w/meds not working. Also Botox injections around crown head. Accupuncture, Chiropractor, Psychologist, Testing for Celiac, Lyme, Allergies (all negative), Gastro tests (w/minor reflux found), Essential Oil therapy, Hypnosis. On and On....
-(11/2014) As of today No Meds, only vitamins and maybe some oils and chiropractic care 3-days/week.
-My son was dealing with his head pain and stomach issues starting in 2011 and Completed 8th grade, Went to school in 9th grade for only 40days and passed with a medical excuse, 10th grade with only 7-days in school and repeated 10th grade again this year and did attend school for the first 6 weeks but for some reason was home (approx. 10/2014) studying/homework and became dizzy and thoat hurt. Now is not able to sleep and wakes up at 2pm plus each day. Has not been to school since, now it's 12/4/2014.

Basically his symptoms at age 16 are now:
1) Constant 24 hour Band Type Migraine/Headache (well over 1-year straight)
2) Sore Throat
3) Dizzy
4) Tired/Fatigue
5) Insomnia (difficult staying asleep)
-These conditions are constant w/no relief. Also, his ASO levels seem to stay extremely high all of the time and now at 1200 although he test negative for any strep infections prior.

-We as parents are at a loss and cry every day. Could it be auto immune, a complication from the surgery, enviornmental, hormones. Any imputt would greatly be appreciated. Our next move is an integrated medicine expert in southern NY in mid December.