View Full Version : Should I try Zelnorm or is there another way?

12-06-2014, 04:44 PM
I'll try not to get off topic too much as I tend to ramble from time to time but here goes..
I am a male with 33 years experience in the aging department. I have only been to a doctor twice since I was about 15/16. I have this odd belief that a doctor visit is usually an unnecessary expense with results/outcomes that usually could have been presumed or solved by myself. However, the first time I went was because I had extreme discomfort due to bloating and I actually had normal bowel movements when it came to timing but they were always diarrhea. The doctor said it looked like IBS and prescribed two medications that I had to alternate between for a couple of months which ended up helping and my problems went away. (Sorry, I do not recall what the two medicines were called). The second time I visited a doctor within the last 16 years was just the follow up for that same situation. I was told that I would not need to take pills any longer but I was put on a strict diet for one month even though I felt better. My opinion on visiting doctors is changing a bit now, but only slightly.

Now I am having issues on the opposite end of the spectrum. It has been about 5-6 months since the treatment and diet and now I have an issue with irregularity in movements. I have always been a once a day type of guy but recently I do not go to the bathroom for 2-3 days and it creates Extreme discomfort. Out of habit I feel like I have to go first thing in the morning every day but only gas comes out. For some reason not even laxatives have helped. My younger sister has struggled with IBS difficulties most of her life and she said that the only thing that works for her constipation is Zelnorm and that I should definitely try it. The problem with that is that you can't get that here. She said she can get it for me from Grupobaja, a site in Mexico that she trusts, but I am not certain I need it. Or would that be a good suggestion? The big question here though is this, what do I do or what can I do without having to see a doctor again? I may consider it because it did help this last time but if there are other ways...

Much thanks to all who can help