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12-12-2014, 07:26 AM
Hi all!

I am a 42 year old mother of 7. I have suffered from panic attacks most of my life, but have always managed to "deal" with them. However, during the last trimester of my last pregnancy, I fell apart.. Diagnosed with OCD/depression, caused by hormones. I have an unbelievably low tolerance for all medications. After a bout with sever Tick fever a few years ago, my body is unable to metabolize LOTS of different types of meds, therefore, I can OD on antibiotics. So, you can imagine, treating OCD/Depression was difficult enough due to the pregnancy, but proved to be impossible due to my inability to take meds. Name it, I have taken it.. Most caused SEVERE side effects within a week of beginning them.. Thank GOD, over the past 11 months (baby born in Dec.) the depression has seemed to lighten tremendously, Unfortunately, the OCD (crazy, intrusive thoughts.."Am I going to kill someone or myself") has gotten not worse, but continuous.. Anxiety, panic attacks have become a daily routine for me, despite behavioral therapy and insane amounts of time spent researching the problem. I have lost 65 lbs, to date, exercising daily, and began trying to focus more on natural ways to at least curb the anxiety.. But to no avail.. As far as medication goes, I have 4 and a half Xanax left from a script of 12, from over 6 months ago.. (yes, Im a pansy and am scared of medicine) that, so far, is all I have found that helps, even though, the thoughts of taking one causes more panic than I needed it for to begin with... Does anyone have any "Natural" or "herbal" suggestions?? Thanks in advance for any advice..