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01-21-2015, 07:48 AM
I am male and 71 years young.I have been diagnosed with IBS after treatment with radiation about 8 years ago. I suffered damage and part of my small intestine was removed. Since then I have been through all the usual symptoms of IBS apart from constipation (thankful for small mercies). But now I have something new and wonder if anyone has any answers for me. By the way I realize that IBS is the headline for bowel disorders that cannot be accurately diagnosed.
Okay, please excuse the crude wording but its the best way to explain and as we are all in the same boat I know you will understand.
I have found lately that no matter what I eat I go to to the lavatory between two and five times, (I know that this is acceptable) but there seems to be more feces than should be expected for what I have eaten. This usually starts with the first dump in the morning, sometimes I am amazed by the amount. I have asked my gastro doctor, but have not really received a decent answer. My theory is that maybe some of the food I eat isnt soaked up by the body. I would be interested to hear from anyone else who has the same problem, or just any other good ideas.
Thank you all from Israel.

01-21-2015, 08:03 AM

I have IBS and the same as you except mine happens just once, first thing in the morning before I eat
Are your movements normal or loose. Mine is very loose.
I have been told to increase my fibre intake.
I am about to start on BENEFIBRE which is a powder supplement to add to my food. I also have DIVERTICULITIS so that might have some bearing on it.
I cannot say I have read of this but there are many symptoms associated with IBS,


01-22-2015, 05:04 PM
It may not be IBS related- as you have said , you had part of your small intestine removed? This happened to my DH due to his diverticulitis- he had to have a colon resection with a foot and a half removed. The small intestine is the part of the intestines where 90% of the digestion and absorption of food occurs, the other 10% taking place in the stomach and large intestine. The main function of the small intestine is absorption of nutrients and minerals from food. Our surgeon explained that with one and a half foot less small intesting, there is less time for digestion and processing-therefore more frequent and less formed pooping!! ;) His surgeon's exact words were," when you gotta go, you gotta go!"