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02-12-2015, 10:02 AM
When I get hot I panic.....

If I have a coat on I have to take it off or I can't breath.

I have never liked to be hot but recently it is getting worst. It feels like the world is closing in on me, its very hard to explain.

Every time I go out I think about if I should wear a coat or not. I make sure that if I am wearing a sweater that I can either take it off or have a way to cool myself down if I get to hot. When I go shopping before I get out of the car I always ask myself if I need my coat on in the store. I usually leave it in the car because I KNOW that I will get hot in the store and need to take it off, and will cause me alot of anxiety..

I have(had) a heart condition called SVT. My heart rate was always in the 90s for as long as I remember. Last year I had an ablation done for my SVT which seems to has slowed down my heart rate, it is usually in the high 70s now or the 80s (I don't check it all the time btw, just notice when I go to the doctors office). Anyways, sense the ablation I have felt that I am not as hot as I use to be, and sometimes I am cold. Before I couldn't wear a long sleeve shirt because I would get to hot, now I can usually wear a long sleeve **** when it is cold out. Now when I do get hot it makes my anxiety go through the roof, I can't take it, makes me sick.

I am constantly turning my heat up and down, up and down. At night if I get to hot I can't sleep and wake up sweating so I make sure that the temperature is set to a low setting, lately it has been 66 degs. Alot of the time I will set the temp at like 65, I lay down and all I can think about is turning up the heat so that my animals don't get cold (so silly!), or so I won't be cold in the morning, etc.... I will go turn up the heat to 68, then go back to bed.... Then I start thinking that 68 is to high! I usually go out and turn it down to either 66 or 67 right in the middle. Once in a great while I will go to bed and not think about the temp, it is nice!

I also have a hard time sleeping with my head under the covers, I don't like to breath "warm" air it makes me feel like I am suffocating.I can have my head under the covers if I have my noise out of the covers or If there is some kind of "breeze" coming under the covers.

This post got way longer then I thought it would and I could keep going! Blah, Drives me crazy, I have alot of compulsions like this in different situations at different times. Anyone else fill like this?

02-13-2015, 03:09 PM

What you have described is very close to what I've experienced. I too, can't have the covers over my face/nose or the hot air makes me panic. I can't ride on airplanes without Xanax because if I feel hot, I get a claustrophobic panic-attack. The list goes on...

Although Xanax has been a wonderful friend who has recused me numerous times, I knew that other symptoms I exhibited pointed to OCD.

After trying many SSRI's, I discovered that Luvox has helped me. The problems with heat to my surprise, have been lessoned. I now take Luvox and Ritalin in combination that seems to work better than either by themselves.

I would tell you not to feel anxious but that's like a stick-of-dynamite telling another stick-of-dynamite not to blow up!

In my case, the medicines have helped me. Whether something similar would be right for you is something you're going to have to explore. I know there is help for you, too.

Good Luck!