View Full Version : how thin is 'pencil thin stool' symptom

02-23-2015, 09:50 AM
i am concerned about the appearance of my stool. once and a while i will have a large blobby stool but mostly, (like every day 2 or 3 times) i have long stool. not as thin as a pencil, although sometimes it gets that thin, but mostly as thin as what i might compare to the diamater of a quarter, long and smooth.

i had stomach surgery a bit over a year ago and was on a tube feed. these stools started happening last fall. i'm not sure if this thinner stool is formed in my colon or my sphincter is tightened, i almost feel as though it doesn't open up completely when i evacuate. i used to have very large formed stools 3 -4 inches long, had a bit of constipation... now it's just like a long snake..

i've tried to find pictures of colon cancer stools but there aren't a lot online. If anyone who has experienced this symptom prior to being dx with cancer could say what they noticed it would be greatly appreciated. i don't know if i just have a change of bowel habits because of my eating since the surgery or if i need to get a colonoscopy, i could get one definitely to ease my mind but i'm not sure if i should go to a quick clinic to get an appt or wait a few months to get in to see my doctor (he's always booked up and its hard to get in to see him).