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VAteacher 08-09-2015 08:22 PM

26-year-old with 86-year-old hands
I have had three positive ANA tests this year and nothing showing up with the rheumatologist. Now, I've been tested again for B12 and this is what my results read... Can anyone help decipher this for me? Thank you.

Iron: 74ug/DL (lower end)
TIBC: 458 (high)
% Saturation: 16% (lower end)

Folate Serum: >24 (high)

B12: 285pg/mL (low)
Alkaline Phosphatase: 33 (low)

I started this process 2 years ago. I am 26, decently active, and I have hand stiffness/pain that is sometimes disabling. I cannot grip a steering wheel in the morning. I also suffer from severe fatigue. I have "minor" carpal tunnel in one hand and a 12.5mm pineal cyst, currently. Doctors say the pineal cyst doesn't cause any of these symptoms. Any thoughts?

Elvee85 02-24-2016 05:02 PM

Re: 26-year-old with 86-year-old hands
Hey There

I'm having very similar issues as well as the positive ANA. Have you gotten to the bottom of what's going on? I'm still searching for answers.

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