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New user 123 02-02-2020 05:21 AM

Shoulder, wrist and elbow pain.
I didn't injure anywhere. I have Patellofemoral issue in my knee and going to PT for past 3 months. I started noticing burning pain in my shoulder, forearm , elbow a month back. It started with the burning pain and hurts to touch. After a week, I see some little swelling and pain in the wrist too. I went to the primary doctor first. They said it looks like tight trapezius muscle and that gives all the pain down till wrist.
I feel so tight from elbow to wrist. And it worse in the night. Elbow till fingers is so stiff and tight in the night. I have to wake up and keep shake my hands.
I went to an Ortho doctor and they did x-ray for elbow and wrist. No issues in the x-ray. No arthritis.
Doctor said it looks like mild tennis elbow,mild carpel tunnel, shoulder bursitis. no proper diagnosis given.
So, told me to do PT for few weeks and see.
Its been a month and I still have same pain and stiffness. Started pt exercises too.
Anyone had these symptoms before? What was your diagnosis? How to recover from this?

quincy 02-02-2020 10:23 AM

Re: Shoulder, wrist and elbow pain.
I have chronic neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist related to repetative strain and neck injury when I was a kid.

I suggest you have nerve stimulation testing done to pinpoint the areas of issue. PT, massage, accupuncture, tens, ultrasound, stretching (all specific to pain area) could help. You could try an antiinflammatory medication such as Celebrex and see how that helps (it comes in 100mg and 200mg).

Have you tried specific supports for areas that are most troublesome? Have you tried topical pain reliever such as Voltaren?


New user 123 02-03-2020 03:10 AM

Re: Shoulder, wrist and elbow pain.
Any inputs anyone?

mugwump 02-20-2020 10:11 AM

Re: Shoulder, wrist and elbow pain.
I had burning in my elbow, tight forearm tendons, numb pinkie and ring finger. All caused by computer usage. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel (although I thought it was ulnar tunnel) and golfer's elbow. It didn't go away until I quit my job. Also it caused tightness in all my neck tendons and frozen shoulders. What helps is hot tubs, hand paraffin dips, staying off the computer, walking, exercise your larger muscles, tons of self massage. Read up on trigger points. Get a chin up bar and try to do some hanging stretching exercises. It improves grip strength and stretches out your spine.

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