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axescot 04-04-2021 10:38 AM

pinched nerve?
About 2 weeks ago, I slept on my arm wrong and woke up with a sharp pain in my arm. After a week, I wake up with swollen fingers. The only thing that would help is if I stand up and lift my arm to make the swelling go down. When I bring my arm down I still feel that initial pain in my arm. I am thinking I pinched a nerve and didn't give it rest (I do a lot of landscaping). The swelling only happens at night when I sleep and actually my arm feels good when I keep it active. However, the swelling gets worse if I have been working that day. I'm giving it more rest now but the past couple of days I wake up at around 3am with a sharp pain in my elbow and palm. Please, any advice on healing (as quickly as possible). I have a doctor's appointment but he doesn't have availability for a few weeks. Same thing if I try to see a new doctor because I would be considered a new patient. Thank you in advance.

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