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  • 27 yo female. Degenerative disc disease. Chronic pain. Other weird symptoms. No help

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    27 yo female. Degenerative disc disease. Chronic pain. Other weird symptoms. No help

    Already made a neurologist appt but can't get in until Sept. I wanted to see if anyone else could relate or help.

    I've done PT 3 times from "mild" bulge and annular tear in L5/S1 disc (they say mild, but they don't feel mild). Work conditioning seemed to cause knee, hip, arm, upper back, and pelvic floor pain. Injection no help. Later found bulges all down thoracic spine but doctor said the arthritis is normal. No Rheumatoid Arthritis. Fibromyalgia has been loosely stated as a possibility but with no diagnosis.

    Pain is intermittent and comes at random. Recently I was driving and got pain from my feet to the rest of my body so bad I had to take a tramadol and lay down. Later my hands and feet felt like they were asleep and were tingly. In the past I had random pains in my hands so bad I couldn't use scissors and pulsing pain down my forearm that came and went one day.

    Work restrictions were so limited and I still could barely do it. I'm not lazy by any means but it makes me look bad and feel guilty. I try to exercise or at least be active and do chores but afterwards I am in horrible pain. All over body pains. Low back pain is constant. Some days the pain is tolerable and other days I am so depressed I wish I were dead because there is no relief. I've had multiple muscle spasms in low back.

    Other symptoms of migraines, random itching attacks that only biofreeze or cold showers can fix, bowel issues (constipation, diarrhea, feeling like I can't finish) and sometimes having to push when peeing but the nerve is not compressed (probably from weak pelvic floor), and hyperreflexia. I have had to sleep with a mouth guard for over a year because I started clenching my teeth in my sleep and getting jaw pain, which never happened until I started work conditioning.

    I wanted to note that I have seen multiple doctor's: my primary care, 2 orthopedists, a rheumatologist, and a neurologist. One orthopedist wanted an MRI of my head, neck and upper back when I first started having pain in other areas after work conditioning. I however could not afford 3 MRIs on my own since at the time workmans comp did not want to cover anything that wasn't my low back and they weren't consistently paying me. Since then I've had an MRI of my cervical spine that came back normal and the MRI of my thoracic spine that came up with bulges, a slight curvature, and arthritis. The orthopedist who wanted all the MRIs asked me if I had arm pain before I even mentioned it, asked about jaw pain before I even mentioned it, and first pointed out hyperreflexia when everyone else said it was normal because I'm a young female. Doctors have been telling me I'm normal and that depression could be causing my pain but let's not get it twisted. I am depressed because I'm in pain, not in pain because I'm depressed. If I wasn't in constant pain and I was able to do normal things like go to the movies or church or work or museums without being in pain then I would be a lot happier and feel more fulfilled in life.

    I have been prescribed: ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, naproxen, celebrex, amitriptyline, cymbalta, Lyrica, gabapentin, and tramadol. NSAIDs have not helped at all. Gabapentin and cymbalta caused anxiety and panic for no reason. Lyrica did nothing but cause insomnia. Muscle relaxers I can feel help muscle relax but pain persists (mostly helps with spasms). Amitriptyline was most effective but once the disc tore it stopped working, and the dosage was raised but only caused fatigue and weight gain, and withdrawal caused the itching to start that has not gone away completely. Tramadol of course helps but since it is an opiate I refuse to take it unless I am in excruciating pain. I have a medical marijuana card now because weed products sometimes help but just like everything else, some days it doesn't help at all.

    If I get no relief or adverse side effects I will not take it. Sometimes the area where my liver is hurts because I have taken so many pills in my life. I've been getting migraines since I was 11 and I used to get bad period cramps.

    Now I take low dose BC everyday to combat ovarian cysts but now I get horrible migraines from hormones and have been prescribed sumatriptan which also did not help. Doc recommended IUDs but I've only heard bad things and also cause cysts so I don't know what to do there.

    What is wrong with me?

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    Re: 27 yo female. Degenerative disc disease. Chronic pain. Other weird symptoms. No h

    Try Botox injections and Relpax ( instead of sumatriptan) for migraines. Also there are injections available like Emgality, Anjovy, and Aimovig for migraine ( Aimovig is the most constipating) Start eating prunes to tolerance and magnesium citrate for constipation. Also Mirilax. Pushing and constipation are bad for your back.

    For migraines be aware of rebound headaches from opiates. I also use Excedrin, and because I cut out coffee. And caffeine sometimes I can stop a mild one with strait caffeine 50mg ( buy equate/ Walmart 200 mg pills and split them up)

    I used to use birth control try ortho novum 7,7, 7 and take the active pills three months strait at a time to regulate hormones. No IUD. I met a girl once that the little bar ( birth control) they place in your arm stopped her migraines.

    Amitriptyline is supposed to help for migraines and back nerve pain so maybe try at higher dose.

    Try a different muscle relaxant. I loved Flexeril for my neck ( chlorzoxazone + Tylenol).

    Good Luck.

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