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adamgedde 12-18-2003 12:49 PM

Knee Injury - Need Some Help
I have a nagging knee injury that was recently re-aggrivated *again*. I've visited 2 orthopedic docs about it in the past year but I'm not convinced that either diagnosis is complete. I have no lateral pain and the knee doesn't hurt when my leg/ankle is pulled (you all know the drill, I'm sure). However, when placing weight on leg with the bad knee and then trying to bend with weight on it, the pain is quite excrutiating. Kneeling on two knees isn't too bad because my other leg picks up the slack, but any kind of pressure on the knee as it's bent or bending is quite painful. The pain is confined to the top of the knee generally around the kneecap area. It is sharp when the knee is under stress, and a dull throbbing ache when at rest. Pressing on the kneecap at edges also causes a great deal of pain.

One of the docs took xrays and a MRI. The MRI said there was a little fluid buildup in there and the beginning stages of arthritis. He suggested PT but I never went. Partly because I wasn't convinced of his theory - he said that some of the muscles holding things in place needed to be strengthened. Call me bull-headed, but I can parallel squat 400+ pounds at the gym, and I'm not convinced my knee muscles are weak. Also, shortly after the appointment the knee felt fine - no pain at all. A week ago, however, the knee started acting up again, and two days ago I tweaked it playing Volleyball. Now the pain is as bad as it's ever been and it's moved to the side of the knee as well.

Has anyone experienced this type of injury before? If so, what were the successful treatments? I believe self-diagnosis can certainly be a bad thing, but there are plenty of poor OS's out there and second, third, and fourth opinions are always good! Thanks!

Bob2 12-20-2003 10:46 AM

Re: Knee Injury - Need Some Help
If it is arthritis, you need a good anti-inflammatory medicine. Ibuprofen, celebrex, and vioxx are the most common ones prescribed by doctors. All of them are dangerous to the health of your stomach. They have other side affect also. You may be interested in trying a herb that is a good anti-inflammatory. There are 3 that you could try and probably others. I have ostioarthritis in my knees and more than 2 years ago I walked with a limp, because of the pain. Now I walk perfectly okay and have been doing so for over 2 years. I take a herb named turmeric, standardized to 95% curcumin. You need to take at least 1200 milligrams of curcumin (the anti-inflammatory ingrediant) per day in divided doses. This can get expensive at most places you can buy it. The cheapest palace I found in Vitaminshoppes, and I do not have any relationship with them. They sell a house brand with 300 capsules for about $33. That works out to a little more than $.50 a day for 5 capsules. If you have any gall bladder trouble this is not for you. You should start out at maybe 2 capsules per day for a week and work up from there to the full dose, to ensure it won't cause you problems. The problem it could cause is diarierre.

There are 2 more that are recommended. They are Devil's Claw and Feverfew. I have not tried them because turmeric works well for me.

pain in pa 04-07-2004 09:59 PM

Re: Knee Injury - Need Some Help
:nono: my daughter was told that she was having severe pain in her right knee (she is only 10) because the muscles on the inside of her leg were under developed and the quads were pulling her knee caps out of place. she had therapy for only a few weeks and had a large improvement. the pt's are there to help you. i have a therapy in the past following ligement replacement and i can honestly say the if you trust in the pt's, you doctor and yourself, you will feel much better. hope this helps you.

Fuchsia_Lay 04-07-2004 10:55 PM

Re: Knee Injury - Need Some Help
yes - perhaps a bit of crepitus under the kneecap.

Strengthening the muscles around the kneecap can help I believe.
I don't believe your doctor is talking 400 lb. squats.
but the kind where you roll a towel up, sit on the floor, place under your knee, and tighten the quad , lift and hold..... repeat repeat repeat etc...

If you have deteriorating cartilage under the kneecap I do not believe there are many many alternatives. Yes you can take anti inflammatories, do mild stretching and strengthening.

If you kneecap is misaligned or not tracking correctly there are procedures that can help this (surgical). Doctors usually start out with the conservative approach with anti inflammatories, stretching & strenghtening & ice.

I would first check into a sports medicine physician, therapist and give it a fair trial. Again- 400 lb squats could be aggravating your condition rather than helping it.

good luck

Fathermaca 04-18-2004 03:06 PM

Re: Knee Injury - Need Some Help
:jester: Um it sounds like it could be a few different things you might want to ask about your miniscus(not sure if spelled right), because I tore mine doing squats and it swelled up and ached when i would stand up after kneeling. It also feels like a sharp pain while sitting or standing for longer periods of time. All in all I had surgery in my right knee, then i tore it in both. Oh well good luck

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