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becka 06-04-2002 02:59 PM

Cherry Juice Concentrate update
Here's an update on the cherry juice concentrate my mom has been taking. We are into the 5th day. Good news!! Before she started taking it, she had pain shoot from her back to her hip. She still can't stand up straight, but it is better, she is standing somewhat straighter. She has had a couple of long days going to the eye doctor too, about an hour away. She would usually be trashed after a day of alot of activity. Well yesterday, she came home and was fine, and also today she doesn't hurt like she normally would. Last night she slept the whole night through and didn't wake up because of the pain!!! She said all in all she feels soooo much better. She didn't know if it was just a coincedance or the juice. I told her it had to be the juice when even Celebrex didn't help her before. So who ever is out there, it is worth the try and I would be so anxious to know if it helps anyone else. What have you got to loose, except a little pain maybe lol. Good luck

deja vu 06-04-2002 04:41 PM

Hi becka. Well, I had to read your update. I am really pulling for you/or your mother. I can't say myself if it is the juice. I hope it is, after what all she's gone through. It must be so nice to be able to get some sleep at night. That is a big deal to me. Only 5 days and inprovement. By the way, had she seen doctors in the past about her back? I don't remember if you had mentioned any previous treatments on her back. NOW, let us know how she feels after about 2 weeks if you can. Good luck. Hope she doesn't over do it when feeling too good.;> ) KB

becka 06-04-2002 05:55 PM

Hi Deja Vu, I know my mom is wondering if this is a coincedance, but I'll tell you from watching her for the last couple of years to now, I think and HOPE we are on to something. She has been to the doctors and the same ole thing, exercise and Celebrex. I know exercise is a big helper in arthritis, but at 74 years old, it's a little harder to exercise. I'm not saying this is the cure, but I will diffenently keep you posted as time goes by. I am just so hoping for her it will help ease her pain, she is the sweetest thing on this earth and to see her slouched over trying to walk breaks my heart. Time will be the factor :)

ostiopain 06-05-2002 12:51 PM

hey, as long as shes better lead me to the cherry juice. Yes, I realize it sounds silly BUT the pain is here all the time and I have nothing to lose but pain.
Regular cherry juice?

deja vu 06-05-2002 04:07 PM

Becka, I got a kick out of you when you said your mom was the sweetest thing on this Earth. You two must really have a great mother and daughter relationship. My mother is 70, and has athritis. She gets around real well, but sometimes when she walks, her hips give her a lot of pain, so she doesn't walk everyday.

I do hope the cherry juice does it. Some plants can have magical healing powers. Even I have tried some for other things. KB

becka 06-05-2002 05:46 PM

It is regular Cherry juice concentrate, we got it at our health food store. She takes two tablespoons a day right around the same time each day. Yes, ostiopain, what have you got to loose, it is a natural thing and sure won't hurt anyone. Give it a try. It's worth a shot, and since it is a natural food it won't hurt anyone. And, yes deja vu, my mom is pretty cool, the best :). I hope it continues to help mom, and the best of luck for those of you who try it!

kibble 06-07-2002 07:22 AM

I'm suffering from RA at age 43. I'm starting infusion therapy with REMICADE as my symptons continure to be advanced and progessive and predizone/vioxx/methyltrexate combinations have been failing to work for me in getting my life back to some state of normalcy/predictability. I've been using Cherry Juice (as recommended by Cornell University professors, doctors, and friends for the past 2 months and it does assist in adding to relief of symptoms...Plus it's nutritious. It's quite expensive and only available in concentrated form. The brand I use regularly is called Cherry Juice Power ( from Michigan. I've received fresh bottles from Knapp Farms (non-concentrate+fresh) in New York, but it's about $8/9 bottle (wine bottle size). So I get that as a special treat once in a while, but use the concentrate. I put 3 TBLsp over ice, take it strait, or dilute it to a proerred taste and drinl 8oz. 2-3 times a day...more than that give me an acid stomach.

Good luck...hope this note helps and the juice too!


becka 06-07-2002 05:29 PM

Hi Kibble, It is expensive, that's where I get mine from is Michigan. Here it is 15.95 a bottle, but it is quite a big bottle, but it will last my mom a very long time. Glad to hear someone else knowing about this too, I also heard that dried cherries do about the same thing, a handful or so. I also found for her a concotion on the internet with Dole yellow raisins soaked in Gin for nine days, then you pour off the gin and take a spoonful of raisins a day. Thought we would try the cherry juice for her, seeing how she has never had a drop of alcohol in her life :) She might feel really good and not think a thing about her back (just teasing) Sounds like you are suffering alot too, good luck with things.

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becka 06-18-2002 02:46 PM

Hi all, well it is now June 18th and guess what?? Still no pain from my mom's back. She still isn't standing straight but she felt it was from being slouched over for so long it became some what of a habit. So just wanted to give you an update. Has anyone tried this yet?

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