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bkcorr86 08-27-2003 11:23 AM

depressed with RA
I am having a really difficult time. It is "back to school" time, and I have been struggling, in addition to daily stuff (which is hard enough for me), with school clothes shopping, and next week my youngest will need me to get up early with her to get her off to school. I am so dreading it. I was really encouraged when I first started on Remicade a few months ago. I had a few really great weeks in June where I felt like I finally had energy and felt good, almost normal. But since July, I am back in a slump, can barely get out of bed. Each day is just like the day before, and I plan on doing things, but end up laying around and feeling lousy. We moved my oldest daughter to college this past weekend, and I am trying to recupe from that. It is so depressing to feel lousy day after day after day. I am only 39 and feel like my life is over aleready. And frankly the thought of living like this for another 40 years is not very appealing.

nooyawker 08-27-2003 03:37 PM

Sorry to hear youre not doing well. Are you taking the remicade as prescribed? If you have given it a fair trial and its not helping you, maybe you need to move on to another drug. I have been doing pretty good with enbrel. I take 2 injections a week and some days I dont take anything for pain. Other days I need some naproxen. I do most of the things I want to do but it sometimes takes a little longer now. (Of course Im not getting any younger either!) Can you get someone to clean your house once a week while you rest? Or order ready to eat foods delivered to your house? You really have to make your health a priority.
I told everyone I have a serious disease (especially the husband) and to not expect me to entertain or pick up after them. I know its hard with young children. But you have to tell your family Mommy needs help now because she doesnt feel well. They wont want to hear it. (I've been there.) I took out an old cane that was my uncle's and used it one day around the house. That scared the **** out of them. Anyway, if I can be of any help let me know. [img][/img]

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