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MacksOma 01-06-2011 09:39 AM

Re: Help with psoriatic arthritis, Sacroiliitis, and pain meds please!
Embrel has been a wonder drug for my son 31 years old with psoriatic arthritis has been taking Embrel for approx 4 years no more pain pills. He is living his life

jennybyc 01-06-2011 10:30 AM

Re: Help with psoriatic arthritis, Sacroiliitis, and pain meds please!
Glad to hear that Enbrel is helping him. these drugs can do wonders when you find the right one.

Hope it keeps helping him. You can develop antibodies to the drugs and they stop working but luckily for him, there are several drugs that affect "TNF"....tumor necrosis factor inhibitors, so he has lots of others to try if Enbrel stops working.

Give him my best.


Moldova 01-06-2011 11:06 AM

Re: Help with psoriatic arthritis, Sacroiliitis, and pain meds please!
I agree that we in same boat, as CP patients despite different diagnoses...
I am so sorry you have to go through all this mess with your Dr, and that you have to deal with so much pain.

I would like to add something regarding your diagnoses. Any type of Arthrities is auto-immune disease and it really doesn't matter where your outbreaks located, it's in your system. This is why it causing joint paint and many other "pain" related symptoms.

Best of luck to you!:wave:

zanderch 06-15-2011 01:16 PM

Re: Help with psoriatic arthritis, Sacroiliitis, and pain meds please!
Hi I was browsing this website and by accident came across your email, and might be able to help you in some way.
I have a long long history of chronic back pain in many areas,particularly my spine in my neck ,throracic, and low back including at times sacrolilitis, (inflammation of the sacroilium a part of the spnine)for that i have been stable on pain meds for almost 20 years and that has helped me have a reasonable quality of life.I also was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 10 years ago although I knew many years ago something was not right.Psoriaitic arthritis is psoriais on the inside within the bones and can be in remission at times then return out of the blue.I take methotrexate and this also changed my life as the narcotics I take for pain did not help the aching of all of the bones.Codeine works better for that and in fact panodol or panadeine can be helpful if used regualrly.
The best things that ever happened to me was what I would call sensible use of narcotics and not allowing people to switch you from one then another and then through honesty on your part being denied all.You said that the patch helped If ylou can stay with it .If it gets you through the bad times and allowing you quality of life , particulalry with young children.
Doctors are very good at getting you confused with all sorts of meds, then just turn around one day and say no more.
So get some constancy of pain management, then accept your life is never going to be perfect and this was my biggest learning curve, that I must be responsible and my life and pain at times can be managed if I exercise or have a hobby or company anything that takes your mind off focusing only on the pain itself It really is remarkable that this can work, but it does.It also gives you some control of you the most important hopefully the Rheumatologist might be able to get you stable with your arthritis. Psoriatic can happen in the strangest places in tissues some tendons and bones.In random places,in the same places each time or on one side of the body rather than the other hence sacroilitis can be part of psoriatic arthritis.I am not sure why you have to wait so long for an appointment for an Rheumatologist as I live in Australia although i wish for you the every best with this part.
And hoepfully you can get some support from the Arthritis foundation on forums or where or around where you live Talking to someone else can help you understand your disease.I will say that if you sit around and do nothing your pain will increase and be so much worse whereas if you keep gentle mobilisation it will be better for you.

I hope that helps you just a little.

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