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logan_ 02-27-2006 07:27 PM

Arthritis after buckle fractures
Hey all,

When I was about 10, I buckle fractured my left wrist. I had it in a cast, and it healed fine. Then when I was 15, I did it again, but this time to my right wrist. But, because it was the hand I write with, the doctors only put it in a tensor bandage and let it heal that way. My family doctor was furious that they did this, but none-the-less they did. I’m now turning 19 in a few days, and to me, it feels like I have arthritis in the wrists when we have certain weather, or I bend them the wrong way.
Now in school I’m taking a weight training course, and oh my God you can imagine what pain I can go through. I try and use tensor bandages to hide the pain that seems to only come in small bursts. I bend them the wrong way (or maybe just a specific way) and I get inflammation. I rub and bend back-n-forth a few times and in about 10 minutes the pain is gone.
My trainer asked me to see a doctor tonight, so I did. I explained my situation (and that when I left the hospital after my last checkup with the buckle fracture in my right wrist, the doctor told me that any pain that I hand was probably cause by arthritis). He thought it was a joke and told me to have the girls open doors for me and to hold my books. His opinion was that I was too young to have arthritis (even with the fractures). There was the possibility to have juvenile arthritis, but to me, that seems to be in really young kids and those kids seem to get it hereditarily.
I’m really stuck, because it’s hard to live life this way especially with joints that are used for quote a lot of things, and especially now that I’m trying to weight train.
I was given a prescription for anti-inflammatory pills, but only to see if they help the cause. Apparently they kill your stomach, so I’m not looking forward to trying these, but even so, this isn’t any help really – it’s only a cover up for the doctor explaining to me what exactly the problem I’m having is.
He also gave me a ‘doctors note’ or prescription for wrist braces to be covered for OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program). If their not covered, I guess I’m SOL. But even that said, I wouldn’t know where to go to get them anyway.. a drug store maybe? GNC?
I also had x-rays taken (I don’t know why, can x-rays check to see if I have arthritis?). I’ll have to see my family doctor to see the results about those.
But in the meantime, does anyone have any input on my situation? I’m really frustrated and it’s getting me really upset to see my friends excelling (and also upgrading their bodies) while I’m sitting back watching holding my wrists……

Thanks all… :(

Kissa 02-28-2006 07:45 AM

Re: Arthritis after buckle fractures
Osteoarthritis is caused by an injury or prior surgery to a joint and that's what it sounds like your situation is unfortunately. It happens to nearly everyone who has been in either given situation.
Mine set in at age 8 and I'm now 40. No one is ever too young to have arthritis, people are born with it every single day. The type one has will often mandate at what age you get it, but none the less it's not an "old person's disease".

The doctor was most likely right on with his diagnosis and yes, xrays CAN tell if you have arthritis.

The unfortunate part of the situation is you have pretty much two choices, you can either choose to take anti-imflamatories with a stomache medication to protect it or do nothing and suffer in pain. The brace he prescribed may help as well, I am not sure exactly what it will do other than limit the mobility of the wrist. Other than that there are really no other alternatives unless you go into alternative healing and try some herbal remedies and supplements.

Also note it takes several weeks before you actually see the results of the medication and if the current one you are on doesn't work you may have to try something different.

Steriodal injections may or may not help and is only a short term solution and generally is repeated yearly. They are safe to have in the wrist but no more than 3 in a one year period total.

I would wait to see what your Family doctor says, if there's Arthritis in there he'll be able to pick up on that right away.

Good luck

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