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redrum22 09-29-2009 11:00 PM

Finger joints on one hand feel bruised but look ok
I have slight stiffness and pain in several joints on all 5 fingers of my right hand and absolutely no problems at all with my left hand. I only feel slight pain when I make a fist and the stiffness doesn't let me close the fist completely. Also if I rub or press the joints on the palm-side of my hand, it feels bruised, but nothing is visibly wrong. Finally, the worst joint is that last joint of my pinky... If I bend it slightly the wrong way (in the direction opposite to making a fist) I feel incredible pain. The condition is constant and doesn't ever get better or worse as far as I've noticed (that is, no change with weather, time of day, etc). This has been going on for little more than a month and I never had this type of pain before. I just turned 30.
I had been playing drums on "rockband" around the same time the pain started but I quit as soon as the pain began and have not played for about 3 weeks now but I have noticed no improvement at all. Not sure if this could be relevant.
I have set up a second appointment with a rheumatologist, because the first time he just said to rest it and see if got better. What could this be and what should I do please? Should I be worried about my other hand becoming affected too? Any help is very greatly appreciated.

mholub 04-07-2010 12:00 PM

Re: Finger joints on one hand feel bruised but look ok
I have similar problems. Has anybody responded to your post with any answers? I don't see any on my page, but I just joined and I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I actually attributed my hand pain to picking up a book wrong.....I don't know if my hand was shaped funny or what, but the outside of my palm popped and I've had trouble now for over 2 years! Two things I'm sure kept it aggrivated are playing piano and clarinet, but I'm still not positive of the problem.

I also have constant swelling that doesn't decrease with ice or meds. I had 2 doctors tell me to take Aleve for 10 days to reduce inflamation and nothing happened. My injury symptoms have spread from the side of my palm to the base of my fingers, my wrist, and for a while my thumb. Let me know if you hear what's going on because it sounds like we have similar injuries.

busty 05-29-2010 10:20 AM

Re: Finger joints on one hand feel bruised but look ok
hi, i have evrything u just described and have osteoarthritis. the symptons start slow and gradually get worse, at least it has for me! i was diagnosed last yr and now cannot even brush my own hair because i cant hold the brush!! i know its confusing because u cant see anything wrong with my hands, no swelling or redness just pain, esp as u said in the small fingers (i have both hands) it makes me wonder all the time if i have it or not, but i guess i have to trust the drs lol i'd say get it looked at, if its not then at least u'll know :) hope u feel better soon

dezmonster 09-20-2010 07:51 PM

Re: Finger joints on one hand feel bruised but look ok

I was wondering if you ever found anything out. I am having similar problem but mine is in my fingers. I am waiting on bloodwork to come back and then will hopefully have some answers or at least what direction to head in. NO playing drums, was shooting about a week before it showed up.

Thank you for your time.

redrum22 11-02-2010 03:51 PM

Re: Finger joints on one hand feel bruised but look ok
Thanks Kate and others for sharing. I had just about forgotten about this post, but luckily stumbled upon it again after all this time. It's been a bit over a year now, and here is the update..
My left hand is still pain free and my right still hurts. Specifically, not the hand but the fingers of the right hand (all but the thumb, which is good as new so far). The pain has calmed down a bit, but the lack of motion remains and I cannot close a tight fist anymore. The affected joints are the joints of the fingers closest to the knuckles and they do look a tiny bit swollen and noticeably red in color as seen from the top/nails side of the hand. Everything looks normal from the palm side and absolutely no other joints of the hand are affected.
Apparently, I cannot blame the rockband drumming completely, since I have also developed a similar pain in the joints of the ball of my left foot (about an inch away from the base of the toes). Walking hurts but is ok, and I've been getting rid of harder shoes and buying softer, more cushioned footwear lately.
I've been on 15mg/day of meloxicam for months now and if forget to take it for a day or two, the slightly increased redness and pain remind me to take my pills again, so I guess it helps. Nothing incredible though, but surely better than nothing.
At this point I have seen several doctors and have done blood work, x-rays, and lately an MRI of my hand and spine (I guess a doctor had some theory that needed to look at my spine). Everything has come out clean and left the doctors guessing at different theories.
Not sure what else to do right now, other than try not to worry about getting pain in even more joints.. but that's a bit kinda like concentrating on NOT thinking of pink elephants.
Anybody else have symptoms like this? Anybody have any ideas? Thanks again everyone.

dezmonster 11-02-2010 07:04 PM

Re: Finger joints on one hand feel bruised but look ok
Thank you for giving us an update. Just wanted to give you an update as to where I am. Got bloodwork back and it just showed a slight elevation for unspecified inflamation, not RH or lupus or MCTD. I go back in December and retest for the same thing to see if any changes. I am not having swelling but only slight pain in the right hand knuckles at this point. I am taking naproxin as needed. I also am having pain in the joints of both feet expecially if I have been sitting and go to get back up to walk or after I get up in the morning. Not sure if it is related or not but I will talk more to the Dr in December.

EnPee 11-29-2010 10:32 AM

Re: Finger joints on one hand feel bruised but look ok
I am a 48 year old male and three years ago I began to notice a stiffness in the joints of both hands, specifically at the knuckle of my middle fingers. Over a period of several months the stiffness gradually grew to become acute pain whenever I would try to make a fist or flex my fingers. My left hand was considerably worse than my right although I knew that it wouldn't be long before they would feel both equally painful. I was most reminded of this worsening condition whenever I would drive because turning the steering wheel was always accompanied by a small burst of pain as my fingers flexed. In fact, if I laid my hand on a flat surface and kept my fingers flat while lifting my palm, I would feel excruciating pain. In my left hand it was unbearable and felt as if someone was jabbing a needle into my knuckle. My right hand also caused me pain but the difference was that I could flex a little further before feeling the same mount of pain.

After observing this progression for two years, earlier this year I considered going to a doctor (yes, I procrastinate when it comes to visiting doctors).

I didn't visit the doctor. If I had gone to the doctor I believe I would have experienced the same cycle of tests as others have described only to have the doctor prescribe pain medication, thus providing some relief while my condition would continue to worsen. I am averse to medication under these circumstances because I think it serves to mask the pain while allowing the condition to progress.
Before deciding a doctors visit was in order, I began thinking that this was not something that happened to me overnight so I thought I should take a good look at myself to see if there was something I could do or something I could stop doing that may cause the the progression of pain to stop or, hopefully, maybe even reverse it.
At about this time I began to think about the idea of getting "back into shape." I don't smoke and I drink only occasionally so there was nothing for me to address from that standpoint. However, I was about fifty pounds over weight and my diet, while not the worst, could be a lot better. Also, I was not as active as I should be and this was another area I thought I could address.
I began to think of 20 years ago when I was more health conscious. Back then I would exercise regularly and I paid more attention to what I ate. I remember at one time I went through this raw juice phase where I would drink lots of raw vegetable juice that I made in my juicer. It was tedious and I eventually stopped, but because of how good it made me feel, I remember thinking to myself that I should consider "juicing" in the future if I ever needed to boost my health, so I decided to start another juicing phase. I did it for about two weeks at the beginning of this year and then I stopped again. It's a chore and hard to keep up with because of the constant visits to the market for vegetables and the clean up process, etc. But the effect from drinking raw vegetable juice was amazing. I experienced an almost immediate response (actually after several days) to the pain and lack of flexibility in my knuckles. With the exception of the vegetable juice for those two weeks, I hadn't yet changed my diet or started an exercise program but now I began to think I was on the right track. I decided to address the issue of exercising next. I knew I could not start exercising with weights because the pain in my hands would make that difficult and I was more focused on the kind of exercise that would promote my general health without putting too much strain on an already hurting body so I settled on the easiest of all exercises: walking!
I don't have time for a gym membership so I bought a treadmill and began a walking routine at home. I placed the treadmill in front of a TV and I walk and watch television when I would normally be sitting on the couch watching television so that I did not have to find time to do it. And when I say walk, I mean walk. My pace has never exceeded three miles an hour (which is no more than a brisk pace) and in the beginning I started with a 20 minute walk gradually building up to a 90 minute walk, which is what I do now on a daily basis. Did the exercise help me with my joint pain? It sure did! After several weeks, the pain in my right hand began to lessen and I noticed improved flexibility in my knuckles. After another several weeks, I noticed the same thing was happening to my left hand. The affect was similar to what I experienced when I drank vegetable juice earlier in the year, except that it was more gradual. I continued my walking routine for several months and then I began to address my diet. I began to eat more greens and salads and generally better home cooked meals instead of store bought meals.
Now, as the end of the year approaches, I continue with my walking exercise (I've lost thirty pounds and counting), my diet is a lot better than it was last year (more wholesome foods, less fast foods), the stiffness and pain in my right hand is completely gone (it feels like it did years ago - no pain at all), the stiffness and pain in my left hand is not yet completely gone but it is almost gone and it continues to improve. I hope to have complete relief and full flexibility in my left hand within the next four months or sooner (and I never had to resort to pain medication). Also, by then I will also have achieved the loss of the extra fifty pounds. I feel dramatically more healthy and energetic than I did last year and I hope the gradual changes I made to my diet and activity level will turn into a life style change that I can continue into my old age. I also plan to try juicing again because of its dramatic affect on my well being, but it's something I think I will probably do on and off, cycling every six months or so for the reasons I mentioned earlier.
I don't know if my personal experiences will help anyone experiencing joint pain but I hope what I described may give someone some ideas to try if the “traditional medicine” route does not work out for them.

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