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Mom2485 05-18-2011 05:44 AM

Has anyone been dx with Sacroiliitis? I've been reading after being dx recently with it and trying to find info but there's not alot out there it seems. Is this the right forum?

I have OA, DDD; Radiculopathy and bone spurs also, does that point to my spine fusing together? This is what I'm gathering is happening from my Xrays, CT's & the doctor talking to me. If bone spurs are on the front and back of your spine top to bottom is that a definitive sign your spine may fuse?

I've been reading it may be associated with AS; which may account for my breathing difficulties, heart problems etc...I'm going to a Rheumy at a large college here next week. How do they tell if it's AS causing it? There is no cure correct? my dr said he would just keep putting "water on the fire" so to speak to help my symptoms.

Now the trick is to try and find what caused mine. I had Group Beta Streptococcus in Nov 1997 and a car accident where I messed my pelvis up pretty badly in March 1999 but went through therapy and got better until August 2009 after I had heart surgery.

What I'm worried about is the Group B infection turned septic and I almost died but have had a multitude of health problems and frequent infections since then; esp UTI's treated with Levaquin...maybe infection has spread to the bone because last year I started having excruciating pain inside my bones which started in the hips & thighs but has spread.

Have had several cbc's and urinalysis which show infection and protein in my blood & urine...all else normal except in my urinalysis.

Any other doctors I need to see - continuing care with my primary, pain mgt dr and a rheumatologist next week.

also, my dr put me on 7.5mg of Lortab which I cut in half but it seems too strong is there anything else that works for the pain? 750mg of vicodin did nothing but I'm nauseous and a horrendous headache and sleepy with Lortab.

jennybyc 05-18-2011 09:21 AM

Re: Sacroiliitis
AS is only one of several disorders that can cause sacroiliitis. So can Reactive Arthritis(used to be called Reiter's Syndrome) and psoriatic arthritis and some others that are very rare.

But if you have an infection migrating through your body, that can cause it too. I would follow that thread and not worry that you have an arthritic disorder. Infections tend to go to the areas where you have previous injuries.

The one thing I do know from my own battles with back injuries and arthritis, is that once the sacro-iliac joints fuse, you are in a lot less pain.

Sorry you are in this mess and it seems to me that this infection is of primary importance. Are you seeing an infectious disease doc at all? I spent some time with one last year when they thought my knees were infected and they are thorough docs. If you have an infection somewhere, you need one of them helping you.

Sorry you are having so many problems.

gentle hugs.........Jenny

Mom2485 05-18-2011 09:37 AM

Re: Sacroiliitis
thanks Jenny; I've had problems for many years and dr's just told me it was due to being out of shape and different things until finally my Xrays and CT showed this problem.

going to a pain mgt clinic and rheumy so they're trying to find out what the cause is and I'll ask for a referral to an infectious disease doc also

how do they rule out different things to be the cause?

zebra57 05-18-2011 10:15 AM

Re: Sacroiliitis
You have xray and CT evidence of sacroiliitis? If not, sometimes a steroid shot is given deep in the joint (under fluoroscopy!)and if you get better, it's diagnostic. I had steroid shots bilaterally and they worked, thus it was pegged to the SI joint. Unfortunately, the effect lasted only 2 weeks, so my wonderful (I love her) pain doc did a radio frequency ablation, which has taken all the pain away for now. Hopefully it will last 6 months to 2 yrs, but nerves grow back in time.

I may have AS or RA (definitely inflammatory arthritis, though). The SIJ pain is gone, but the stiffness remains. I hope the rheumy can give you an answer and you can get on some treatment before too many things get out of whack.

You may have more blood work from the rheumy. AS is linked to HLA B27. If you are positive for that, it would put more weight on the AS diagnosis. If fusion is starting on your spine or SIJ, that would be a sure-fire diagnostic clue. I didn't quite understand if you were showing fusion or not.

Good luck on the rheumy visit. :D

Mom2485 05-18-2011 01:40 PM

Re: Sacroiliitis
Sorry, I should explain better but my mind is just messed up on the new pain meds they gave me :( I think they're too strong and connecting thoughts is difficult.

Based on Xrays/Ct's I've had done over the past 2 years my primary sent me to a Neurologist who specializes in pain mgt. I was kind of floored when he told me he thought it was Sacroiliitis; beacuse I just thought I injured my back more.

I'm trying to understand all of this - how do they tell if fusion has started? I'm writing questions down to ask him when I go back so I can understand fully.

My tests have shown: [LIST]Nov 2004 Xrays, CT & MRI showed Scleratic changes in both sides of my Osteitis pubis (symphysis pubis)[/LIST][LIST]July 2009 CTA showed Vascular crowding and degenerative changes in the Thoracic spine[/LIST][LIST]August 28, 2009 CTA showed Right Hemidiaphram was elevated[/LIST][LIST]2/18/2011 Xrays showed Multilevel anterior & posterior osteophytes and multilevel degenerative changes consistent with DDD in the Thoracic & Lumbar spine. There is loss of normal lordotic curvature.[/LIST]
I had another CT done on April 25, 2011 but I don't have the results; but after the results came back is when my primary sent me to the PM.

I go Monday for Interlaminar epidural steroidal injections in both sides. How painful is it to have? They gave me a Toradol shot which worked well the first couple of days but wearing off now - is that typical?

Mom2485 05-23-2011 04:39 PM

Re: Sacroiliitis
just saw my dr; got another Toradol shot which I can have every 4-5 days now and going to see if next week I can do steroid injections...

after getting my records he said my spine is worse than he expected and the thoracic spine is pretty messed up but I have no clue what would have caused it - my cervical spine is fine which is confusing since I have hand/forearm lumbar spine & pelvis are messed up prety bad but that was to be expected due to my car accident.

also, should I go see a spine specialist? If the shots may only work 30% in my case, I want to explore all my options...dr said something about the next step was a spinal tap but I didn't catch what he was talking about I was still on the fact my spine is worse than he thought.

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