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pms962 06-13-2011 05:17 PM

Arthritis in Hand Post-Surgery Finger Amputation
I had surgery to repair a traumatic amputation of the middle finger on my right hand in May 2010 after my dachshund bit off the tip of the finger. My entire hand was bound for about a month post-surgery and, ever since, has had horrible arthritis and swelling. I went to hand therapy for about six months. I wondered if anyone had tried the magnetic bracelets to help with the pain and, if so, what brand of bracelet can you recommend? I think I am also going to see a massage therapist for help with it. I am a graphic designer and, since it is my right hand, I mouse with this hand all day long and by day's end, I am hurting a lot. Any suggestions?

My surgeon has suggested the removal of the gnarly nail growing at the end and a modification of the tip of the finger bone which is too sharp and prevents its use. I hesitate knowing how much pain I have been in with this one surgery, though the doc says it won't be near as traumatic...

Thanks for your help!

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