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CGHinchliffe 08-24-2012 04:21 PM

Basal Joint Surgery and Post Op
Hi everyone,

I am trying to find out if anyone has ever experienced what I am going through, I am really frustrated and at my wits end with the pain. Sorry if this is long, but wanted to provide some history.

I had my surgery on April 20th, 2012 on my right hand (dominant). The surgery went well (so I thought), followed all the instructions to the tee as far as not using it. Did my therapy everyday as instructed at the 30 day mark. But the problem with my therapy was that the pain was gone from the joint but it had now moved up to the other 2 joints in my thumb which really slowed down my progress. Plus the swelling on my hand was not getting any better.

Went back to the doctor about the pain on 2 occasions over the next 60 days and kept hearing it takes time. On the second visit I had to get a cortisone shot, otherwise I was in so much pain I couldn't do the therapy. It relieved it enough that I could continue with the therapy but it was still there. I never had pain in these joints prior to the surgery. All of this was leading up to the 3 month point.

At the 3 month point I was to start working on strengthening and worked with putty and light lifting. Up to this point I really couldn't lift much because of the pain I was still having.

This past weekend I ended up in the ER, almost 4 months to the day of my surgery. We have a miniature poodle and she wanted up on my lap, I picked her up with my left hand and used my right hand to steady her and I heard a pop and it felt like my thumb had popped out. I was in excruciating pain and literally hit the ground. I could not move my hand without screaming, it was that bad. ER said nothing broke, probably a tear and to see my doctor. The pain is right where the incision is and it shoots down my arm.

Went to the doctor on Monday morning and was told again it's probably a tear, put my hand back in the brace and not use it. Give it a few weeks and see if it gets better. Not what I wanted to hear. I am in more pain now than before the surgery. I felt completely dismissed by the doctor.

Has anyone ever encountered this after surgery? I expected a slow recovery but I thought I would be working on strength at this point and not have to deal with this much pain. Can this type of surgery fail?

I scheduled an appointment with another doctor to get a second opinion. I am not looking to sue, I just want my hand back without the pain.


NeckIssueGuy 08-25-2012 10:37 AM

Re: Basal Joint Surgery and Post Op
Hi chuck, I need the surgery too but if you search the form, there is some really good info regarding this, as I have heard it's 6 Mos. pain and a year to get strength back with the loss involved of course. I haven't had a year to spare some do better some worst and the surgeon will lie most the time.
That's why its good to research everything you can about a procedure. so don't freak out just yet with unrealistic expectations, because if it keeps aggravating it, you may even take longer,ice and heat massage also may be your best friend right now good luck getting back to normal as possible.

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