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mamaof 6 11-30-2012 04:49 PM

Could someone review my tests
Hi my name is Cassie, I have been trying to get some answers for awhile now. I have had pain in muscle and joints for over two years now. The rheumatologist ordered a couple tests. RA Factor which was a 7 normal is <14 and ccp igg which was 2 and normal is <20. So here is my question, I just had these same tests done and they are much higher but still in normal range my RA factor was 9 and my ccp igg was 16. I feel terrible every day, the worst part is I am constantly achy like I have a bad case of the flu. Could someone please help me. I have a new dr now and he really is great. I am just wondering if its concerning that even though in the normal range does it mean something because they are higher?

Moldova 12-02-2012 12:29 PM

Re: Could someone review my tests
your normal blood tests may show that you don't have RA, mostly likely you don't since symptoms kind of different, but I am not a DR here to diagnose you. But it doesn't mean you dont have OA. Blood tests are normal when people have OA, it doesn't affect our immune system, or blood, but pain may be very bad.
Another thing, some people may still have RA with good blood tests, all depends on how good your doctor is and what his opinion is on your matter. RA is a very hard disease to diagnose and this is why so many people misdiagnosed and get harsh treatments for nothing.

My first surgery, for my OA knee was when I was just 24. My knees since had many surgeries, but at age 24 I was told by my surgeon that first time in 30 years of his practice he saw such bad damages in 24 years old kid.
So see if you can get MRI to see what is going on with your joints.

ladybud 12-02-2012 03:26 PM

Re: Could someone review my tests
RA is only one illness that can cause muscle and joint pain. I would ask your Dr to run some additional tests, looking for inflammation (sed rate and CRP), ANA (for lupus), CK (muscle enzyme), and if nothing shows up there, a repeat CCP in 6 months or so. If any one joint hurts the most, an X-ray, if it shows erosion of joint, is diagnostic of RA. I would also see a rheumatologist since these symptoms have been going on for so long. there are many things just on physical exam alone that can help differentiate RA from osteoarthritis.

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