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dgarafa1 01-17-2013 06:55 PM

basal joint surgery success stories!
I'd like to hear from all who have had basal joint surgery with trapezium replacement with tendons. I'd like to hear the success stories!:)

margarita889 01-18-2013 06:07 PM

Re: basal joint surgery success stories!
I'm a success story in progress. I had surgery right before Christmas and by day 5 had less pain than before surgery, by day 7 no pain. I am now out of my cast and started therapy today. No pain doing the exercises, so on we go. I am chatting often with Haydena on her thread, so you might want to check in there.


henry88 01-19-2013 03:05 AM

Re: basal joint surgery success stories!
Basal joint surgery is moreover successful, but there may be a new consequence after surgery, that is numbness on the back of the hand or tenderness of the scar. It helps you in relieving the pain but something won't change like movement of thumb, strength of the joint etc.

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