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happening 03-08-2013 10:35 PM

life expectancy for patients with Psoriatic arthritis
hi every one,

I would appreciate any information if anyone is aware of the current data,

My question is what is the life expectancy of these patients.

I have Psoritis since infancy and nail problems since I was 10. In pain all the time but coping. I feel I am only young but have had these symptoms for over 40 year and now I am just so so tired all the time and find it hard to do the simplest things.

studey2 03-24-2013 06:30 PM

Re: life expectancy for patients with Psoriatic arthritis
I think it is like all arthritis..Some can be more painful and crippling than others..But from what my rhuemy said to me..I have PsA for 5 years (maybe longer who knows ) What we are trying to stave off is me being in a wheel chair way before my time..And the crippling of my feet and hands and other joints that are involved..So far 18 months MTX -nomore for awhile !! And 1 month of enbrel - none ever - allergic reaction. Just taking a break for the time being , just trying to control my pain and symptoms at the moment..But if you think you have this PaS, You should get a Rhuemy and get checked out. They usually are pretty good about bllod work and alot of ex-rays and lots of test..God bless, Cindy

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