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  • I have aspergers and very severe chronic 24/7 anxiety

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    I have aspergers and very severe chronic 24/7 anxiety

    I have aspergers,(*I never had depression and My aspergers is high functioning and barely shows) and chronic 24/7 severe anxiety ever since i had a psychosis 11 years ago. Basicly I have two types of anxiety today, the normal type that varies with all the normal things,(how i feel about myself, exposure to people, my thinking patterns and on) which is still relatively strong most days. Then there is an anxiety or what i think is a "stimulation" or over/stimulation problem, that started ever since i fell sick 11 years ago after my psychosis. This second anxiety rarely goes lower than its base level(it is always there at the same base level every day OR higher no matter what i do) that includes relaxation exercises, medications, supplements, and more. Also, if that second anxiety actually gets reduced, i start to feel better in every way, physically i am not tense and my body goes back to normal, my five senses normalise themselves(more acute like they are supposed to be), and my mind starts to think more clearly. The problem is even when this process starts happening(normally through drastic medication(sometimes benzadoepines) and relaxation and even that dosent ALWAYS work) it dosent last long and never stays low. I am here to try to figure out why this anxiety is always present and cannot be reduced enough for me to think focus and concentrate much more clearly. My medications that i take, along with my progress through therapy has helped enormously but that second anxiety that is always at base level... well it never gets better or gets better for a few minutes and then its gone back up to "base" level anxiety.

    Basicly, what im saying is i can do every single thing possible and my "normal" anxiety can get reduced to 0, but that second anxiety thats always there 24/7 is almost impossible to reduce and to keep it reduced there is even harder and rarer. Ive never really had an anxiety attack nor a panic attack, thats the weird part, im just always anxious. Not to mention because of that anxiety I feel I am functioning at 20% of myself in every way.

    If for example I am able to reduce that base immovable anxiety by dumb luck(like if im unbelievably relaxed in every way+meds+meditation+positive stimulation like having a really really good day) which basicly never happens anymore even with all those things(it use to happen off and on and that made it go from 20% functioning to like 90%+).

    This anxiety, in my case, affects everything, like i said i am at 20% functioning. That means I feel my five senses, my concentration focus,thinking,connected feeling,motivation, personality, willpower, and everything else is I feel at 20%. When that base anxiety can actually be reduced all those things(and more) i can feel at 90%+ so you can imagine the HUGE difference it makes in every possible way.
    Finally, even before I fell sick (psychosis) 11 years ago, I did not have anxiety issues that i was aware of throughout school although I was severly bullied(this developped my "normal" anxiety like anyone else) but again, the problem I have isnt the average emotional anxiety today as much as the second anxiety that is at a base level that is always present consistently.

    To be clear ive seen a psychiatrist through the years and ive made great progress with him, however this constant anxiety issue hasent changed much, where as my ordinary anxiety has improved tremendously. I also only suffered from a single psychosis 11 years ago, it has definitly been in remission for a long time. The thing I am wondering is maybe theres been some permanent "rewiring" of my brain when i got that psychosis, and since I also have aspergers(its on autism spectrum) I may have stimulation issues that started after that psychosis trauma, that I never had before that happened. I never had any variation in how I felt in school or so that were extreme nor any meltdowns or anything like that, I was even tempered and a happy person even though i went through hell in school from bulliying.

    Finally, what could be some possibilities of whats happening, with this anxiety that is at a base chronic 24/7 present, extremely difficult to reduce, never reduced enough or long enough for a significant improvement anymore, could it be over/understimulation? Or something else, hopefully ive told a decent summary of my situation. Finally my medications i think are listed in my profile and all, I have found that omega 3's make me feel pretty good(better mood, reduced anxiety, think a little bit clearer , improve concentration and focus) but i tend to get overstimulated if i take too many.

    Ive tried to play with the omega3 dosages and my meds(with help of my psychiatrist of course) but except from some rare occurences I havent had much luck in affecting the "base" chronic anxiety.
    Please let me know if anyone has any ideas(maybe best med to reduce overstimulation(of brain), or an idea of what could be going on here).Any questions are welcome!
    Thank you. I also have hypothyroid thats treated with synthroid

    (All my meds are: seroquel 550mg, abilify 17mg, epival 750mg, remeron 30 mg, synthroid 0,112 mg, and omega 3 capsules.

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    Re: I have aspergers and very severe chronic 24/7 anxiety

    I have mild Asperger's as well (self-diagnosed, and didn't know until I was in my 40s), and both my kids are on the spectrum.

    Do you experience greater anxiety and frustration when something unexpected happens? Something you didn't "control" for? That is what sets me off.

    A flat tire, broken lamp, cancelled flight, etc. --stuff like that really makes me anxious and sets me off.

    I also catastrophize and worry about things that haven't happened (stock market crashes, illness, etc.). Things I can't control.

    I took some medication years ago, but it made things even worse: I began to worry about the long-term effects of the meds, and started having some physical side-effects. Instead, I went into psychotherapy and tried to work through my issues that way. It did help.

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