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ness67 05-04-2006 01:44 PM

Aspergers and tv obssessions
My son Jamie is 14 years old and has a few tv obssessions. His favourite shows are Eastenders, Holby city and casualty(hospital drama's) and also the bill (police drama). He will watch the shows and also record them at the same time. He will watch them over and over again. He also buys most of the tv guides and reads them cover to cover, picking up names of directors, actors etc. Then he'll get his laptop computer and write his own scripts. He will take his tv guides and laptop everywhere he goes. He loves the bit at the end that shows directors, lighting, make up artist etc and won't stop the video until he has all the closing credits. Does anyone else, or anyone else's child do this.

His dream job when he grows up is to become a script;d never guess eh LOL

basal1999 05-04-2006 02:11 PM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
my 5yo son sounds alot like this, but isn't as sophisticated, i'm
sure he will be one day.

how long has he been doing this? did you ever try to stop it?
do you want to stop it??


ness67 05-04-2006 02:48 PM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
It's been going on for years to be honest. It started of with wrestling but then he got into drama's. He used to always write the lists and stuff down, but the amount of paper he'd use and would he let you throw any of it away LOL heck no. So we bought him a laptop. Do i want to stop it? Not really, i'd like him to do other things, but i see it that he's not harming anyone and i know where he is and what he's up to. Have i tried to stop it? Yes i did a couple of times. I wouldn't say i tried to stop it altogether, i tried to steer him to different things but he had no interest. But he's happy doing it. Whether it's a good thing or not i don't know. I guess if it's something he wants to do when he leaves school that stopping it would be wrong.

GatsbyLuvr1920 05-04-2006 05:52 PM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
Yes! Finally someone else with Asperger's who has TV obsessions! :D In fact, TV obsessions were my first ever fixation. When I was two and three, my mom would endlessly tape [I]Full House[/I], [I]Pink Panther[/I], and [I]Garfield and Friends[/I] for me, and I'd watch them over and over again. I've watched the particular episodes so many times (and still do), that my mom claims that SHE can even tell which one it is by the dialogue! lol! I have new TV obsessions, including [I]Degrassi: The Next Generation[/I], [I]Ed, Edd n Eddy[/I], [I]SpongeBob SquarePants[/I], and [I]Danny Phantom[/I] , but my biggest one, along with my biggest obsessive fixation in general, is [I]I Love Lucy[/I]. I've been obsessed with [I]Lucy[/I] since I was twelve (I'm almost 19), and my whole room is filled with memorabillia; it's my main collection. The sixth (last) season just came out on DVD Tuesday, so once I get it, I'll have all 179 episodes on DVD! I'm sooo excited! I agree with you, though- I don't see any need to stop it. It's not like it's all-consuming and interfering with his schoolwork, and besides, this is what he LIKES to do, it's his passion, it gives him enjoyment. We Aspies are bound to get obsessed with something, and even if you limit a current obsession, a new one will inevitably pop up in the future. God bless, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! :angel:

MrsBlack 05-04-2006 07:55 PM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
My 5 year old is obsessed with the movie production clips that are found at the beginning of movies - THX, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, etc. He watches them over and over, freeze-framing them and watching them in slow motion.

I thought these obsessions might one day go away, I guess not. :(

9CatMom 05-04-2006 08:19 PM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
Oddly enough, I like to watch mainly sports, particularly running and skating. I am not at all athletic myself. My main T.V. viewing is done during the Olympic Games. I also like to watch medical programming. My current favorite channel is Discovery Health.

ness67 05-05-2006 08:33 AM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
Hey GatsbyLuvr1920, thanks for telling me about yourself. I certainly would keep in touch with you about any questions to do with Aspergers. The professionals are ok but there's nothing like talking to someone who actual has it.

MrsBlack 05-05-2006 09:27 AM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
GatsbyLuvr1920, hi there! So, I guess there is nothing that can be done about the "obsessions"? I guess I worry that my son may eventually become consumed by them and not be able to focus on anything else, especially his studies. It kind of scares me really. :(

I'm trying to shift the focus of his company logo obsession and get him interested in seedlings so that one day he might become a master gardner or something. :D (which will be handy because we are moving to the country.)

GatsbyLuvr1920 05-05-2006 10:30 AM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
Hey, ness67 and MrsBlack! ness67- I'd be delighted to answer any questions you may have! I'm always here, and since I was only recently diagnosed with Asperger's around February, it helps me to hear about others with the symptoms that I've unknowingly lived with for almost 19 years... MrsBlack- I don't think your son will become over-consumed with the obsessions; we Aspies usually do very well in school, and if we don't, it's usually because of a nonverbal learning disability (that's why I struggle with broad classes *cough*introductory biology*cough* ;) ). I've never been officially diagnosed with a NVLD, but I'm pretty sure I have part of it- it's very common in children with OCD and Asperger's, and since I have both, that increases the chances. Also, people with NVLD are very detail-oriented, are those that "miss the forest because they can only see the trees," and have trouble with visual-spatial and abstract reasoning- all me! :D Many obsessions tend to stem from some aspect of academia anyway. One of my obsessions is learning the Spanish language, for example. I started teaching myself outside of class my junior year of high school when I was in my fourth year of Spanish. The class was sooo slow, so I started to learn on my own. It's become compulsive- I have two whole binders filled with Spanish phrases, vocabulary, and sentences I've picked up in the past two years. I've finished ten or eleven not*****s, and then my mom photocopies them for me for me to put in my binder. The obsession part of it really comes into play when I "translate" DVD's. My first DVD I bought was [I]Chicago[/I], my favorite movie and one of my other obsessions, right when I decided to go ahead of the class and teach myself Spanish. I saw that the DVD came with subtitles, and I found that you could pause the Spanish words on the screen while still watching the movie in English. I started just by doing the songs, but it just escalated from there. It may take me three-five days to translate a whole movie because I have to pause each sentence that I need, write it down in my not*****, rewind to get the EXACT English spoken, and then write down the corresponding English in my not*****. As you can see, this also helps me learn my favorite lines of movies quickly because I hear them over and over again, and quickly learn the intonation. I've learned so much from doing this that I'm fluent in reading and writing; I have trouble speaking and listening, though, mostly because it takes me too long to translate back-and-forth in my mind. It's kind of funny because I was a "hyperlexic Asperger's" child; I taught myself to read at age four, but I was a horrible speller until I was around eight. I memorized the words once I learned them, but I never learned how to sound out words. I could read and pronounce "pediatrics," "secretary," and "guilty" at four, but as for spelling them, I'd get the first and last letter correct, but the middle letters would be right but all jumbled. I'm also hyperlexic in Spanish- I memorize vocabulary so quickly and, if I see a word that I couldn't conjure up on my own, I'll remember it, but I have trouble with the social interactions of the language itself! I mean, Spanish is a much easier language to pronounce and sound out than English, but I never practice saying the new vocabulary I learn, and when I read aloud, I stumble a lot. I know that "jactarse" means "to brag", and that it's pronounced "hack-tar-say," but I'd stumble reading it in a sentence. That's why I stick to writing on Spanish forums and reading books, my strengths. And, obviously, I'm just naturally very verbose... But, I'm the type of person who gets excited when I learn how to say things like, "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure [I]that[/I] out," (got that from [I]Down With Love[/I]) "I read your pre-prints- both of 'em- the one on ciphers and the other on non-linear equations, and I can say with supreme confidence, that there's not a single seminole or innovative idea in either one of 'em..." ([I]A Beautiful Mind[/I]), and chemisty/science-related words like "stoichiometry" and the definition of condensation. I even went on the Internet and got a Spanish Periodic Table and passages on how the brain works, my favorite times in American history, and of course, descriptions of mental illnesses, all in Spanish. Anyway, it's nice to be able to write all of this out without having to worry about boring someone in person... ;) Write back soon! I'm interested in hearing more about your childrens' obsessions! :angel:

9CatMom 05-05-2006 07:53 PM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions

I too, am obsessed with words. Learning languages is also a passion of mine. My first language was German. I learned English at six, and Spanish in high school. I would like to learn Greek. One of my favorite things to do is to learn the word for "cat" in a variety of languages.

I am also fascinated by the differences between American English and British and Australian English. I learn a lot of fun things from my English, Australian, and South African friends on my cat site.

9CatMom 05-05-2006 07:58 PM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
Talk about obsessions! I am going to indulge one of mine this weekend by watching "Four Minutes," the story of Roger Bannister. Tomorrow is the 52nd anniversary of his historic first sub-four minute mile at Iffley Road in London.

GatsbyLuvr1920 05-06-2006 01:43 PM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
9CatMom- First off, you probably already know this, but in case you don't, "cat" in French is "le chat." :D I took two years of French in high school while I was also taking Spanish; very similar languages in some aspects. Like, the verbs "dormir" ("to sleep") and "venir" ("to come") are spelled the exact same way and have the exact same meaning in both languages. As one of my distribution credits here at my college, I'm going to take an introductory Latin course because I think it will help in the science field, that and I just love root words of languages. I'd like to learn Russian someday- I just love the way the Slavic languages sound! On the other forum I go on a lot, one for one of my favorite cartoons, there's a girl there from South America, and we message each other in Spanish. She made my day today because she told me how to say "deoxyribonucleic acid" (DNA) in Spanish! She also gave me passages I selected from [I]Catcher in the Rye[/I] in Spanish, and I gave her the passages she wanted in English. She also invited me to join the same forum in Spanish for people in Latin and South America. Very cool! Oh, and my mom came up this weekend to help me start packing for when I leave college and come home on Tuesday, and she surprised me by giving me the [I]I Love Lucy[/I] season six DVD! ;)

ness67 05-07-2006 01:08 AM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
GatsbyLuvr1920 I think you're amazing. You know so much about different languages. I'd love to be as clever as you. My son Jamie does German at school and is very very good at it. When i was at school....many many moons ago LOL i took french and was totally hopeless at it. I admire people like you that learn things as well as you do.

Anyway you told me if i had any questions about Aspergers to ask you so here's a question my son can't answer.

Do you have a set routine? If so how do you feel when your routine is disrupted?
Also my son talks alot but gets impatient when he's being told something is this normal Aspergers behaviour or do you think it's just him being a rotten teenager, he's 14. I don't mean he's really rotten he's a sweet kid.

9CatMom 05-07-2006 06:31 AM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
In German, cat is "katze" (female), and "kater" (male).


Your posts are fascinating!

GatsbyLuvr1920 05-08-2006 06:40 AM

Re: Aspergers and tv obssessions
Thanks, 9CatMom and ness67! Oh, and feel free to just call me "Gatsby"; I only use my full user name as a formality... :D Well, ness, I'm about as routine as a person can get, but then again, I also have OCD, so I think that helps contribute a lot to it. To give you an example of how set in my ways I am, throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I'd bring the same lunch every day and eat it in the same order. Some things did change, but I think the lunch (tuna sandwich, pickle, yogurt, canned/real fruit, tiny Milky Way, and juice box, in that order) were the same from eighth grade on. However, the tuna sandwich, pickle, and juice box were always constants, even in first grade. I don't do well with changing routines at all- THIS is why I had such a hard time adjusting to college. Was it leaving home? Hell, no! My mom and I are very independent since we had to go through psychological abuse from my neglectful, cold biological father, and though we're close, we fare very well doing our own thing. No, it was the lack of a schedule, the lack of structure in college that made me break down this past fall. The main trigger, of course, was having a roommate (thank God that's over and done with...), but I still don't like college life. Again, it's not that it's me being away from home and unable to do my homework without Mommy watching me- my mom hasn't helped me with homework since seventh grade, when the math got too hard. What I hate is that every day is different- some days I won't have class at all, but other days I'll have three, and when I expect to have a class, some days I won't because of labs or something. I get very bored very quickly with this type of lifestyle. I LOVED the set-up of high school! Period 4 would begin at exactly 9:57 and end at exactly 10:49- no exceptions. I could eat my same lunch in my order every day, but here, you never know what slop they'll be serving. They even change the cereals, so nothing is constant... And today, I have TWO finals (and then, thankfully, I get to go home tomorrow), but one's at seven at night, a time I don't ever have classes. For the other one, which I don't care about at all and probably won't even study for because the class bores me, half of the test is writing a take-home essay, which I have until two this afternoon to do. Essays are not my strongsuit because it requires having to "prove" something, worrying whether or not the passages make sense, and organizing information, something us Aspies aren't all that great at. I can't sit down and write an essay from intro to conclusion- I might start with my third body paragraph and then go back and write my first point. The intro and conclusion always comes last. So, naturally, I have to procrastinate on writing essays because, if I don't, I'd spend hours and hours mulling over it. With procrastination, I can just slap down some BS and hand it in without ever looking at it; it's good enough... I WISH I could write school assignments as easily as I write posts on here, but alas, I cannot. I get "stuck," which I've heard is very common for Asperger's people when they have to shift from one topic/activity to the next. I'll write one paragraph, and it will go quickly once I know what to say, but then I'll just sit and blankly stare at my not***** or the computer screen... And I absolutely have to listen to some sort of soothing Frank Sinatra music or certain instrumental songs; they help calm me down, that, and a Klonopin, which I'm going to take here in a few minutes before I attempt to start this dreadful task. ;) I also talk a lot once I get to know people, and especially if I find someone with my interests. Then I'll feel as if I have to tell them everything as quickly as I can, or I'll burst, so yes, I do a lot of the talking and I think a lot of people probably do get bored with me. Anyway, if I'm being instructed on how to do something by my mom, yes, I'll get frustrated sometimes or I just won't listen because I simply don't care. This was a big problem when I was a kid because I'd always get in trouble for not doing what my mom told me... Well, I'm off to go write my essay- what fun. The sad thing is that it only has to be 3-4 pages, and it literally will take me three hours or so to write it. It's just such a laborious task for me. I know I'll start it at nine, finish it at noon or 12:30, and have awhile to "study" for the in-class portion. I'm sure today will be a barrel of fun... Write back soon! :angel:

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