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kevinincanada 10-09-2006 11:02 AM

Use of SSRIs in treating adult Aspergers
Hi. I'm a (relatively) new member to these boards. After a lifetime of social anxiety and depression (I am 37), I was diagnosed with AS last week. My psychiatrist wants me to try a course of SSRIs - Luvox or Celexa were mentioned in particular- in the hopes that it will lessen the extreme anxiety I have in dealing with people and daily life as well as minimize my sensory overloads. He wants me to research these drugs first before making a decision as to whether or not I want to undergo this trial. Has any other adult aspie tried this therapy and , if so, has it been beneficial? Has anyone experienced significant side effects?

Most of the product monographs I have read have given little information in this regard. If anyone could share their experiences with this therapy, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.


GatsbyLuvr1920 10-09-2006 12:17 PM

Re: Use of SSRIs in treating adult Aspergers
I'm a recently diagnosed 19-year-old Aspie. I've been on three different SSRI's (Zoloft, Lexapro, then Zoloft again, and then Prozac) over the course of three years, before I was ever diagnosed with Asperger's. I have comorbid OCD and panic attacks, so the SSRI's were really meant to help those conditions. Overall, the SSRI's did little for me. They didn't touch my Asperger's (obviously, because I was diagnosed while on them since the symptoms were still very clear) or my panic attacks. The only thing that helps my panic attacks is Klonopin. They did little for my OCD, either. I maybe obsessed for one hour less each day than I do now. (I'm not currently on any SSRI's, or any medication for my OCD, for that matter). I had two of my major OCD breakdowns while on an SSRI. I'm a pure obsessional, so I have the classic "waxing-waning" OCD, so I wax and wane whether I'm on SSRI's or not. All the SSRI's did for me was make me extremely tired. I still haven't really recovered from that. I still have to take daily naps, something I never had to do until I started the Zoloft for the first time. I'm in now way bashing the SSRI's, though. I think it's worth giving them a try, if your doctor thinks it's a good idea. They are a very good class of medications and have helped many, many people. I'm just not one of them because I don't have the textbook case of OCD. It didn't help my panic attacks because I don't have panic [I]disorder[/I], which is what the SSRI's are meant to help. I also don't have social anxiety from my Asperger's. I just don't like being around people. It makes me uncomfortable and irritated, not nervous. The SSRI's usually work very well for social anxiety. The medication that has helped some of my Asperger's-related problems is the mood stabilizer, Lamictal. I started it last November, also before I was diagnosed with Asperger's. It has helped significantly with reducing my irritation and outbursts due to sensory overload. I'm much calmer. I still have outbursts, I still get irritated with being around my idiotic peers, but it is much less than before. I could barely function before I was put on the Lamictal. Good luck, God bless, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! :angel:

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