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mej1 04-09-2010 03:08 PM

Speech problem part of Asperger's?
Are speech problems common with Asperger's or does it depend on the type of speech problem? I think I have Asperger's because I meet the criteria, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I was recently listening to a recording of me talking with a lawyer for an upcoming court case - I'm a witness. I've heard my voice before years ago and didn't like it, but I sounded horrible on these recordings. I know that what I'm hearing on these recordings is the way my voice truly sounds and the way other people hear it. I never realized how retarded I sound. I have uncles who are menally retarded and I sound very similar to them. Additionally, my voice sounds kind of slurred and like I have mushmouth. I'm also aware that I speak slightly slower than what's normal, except when I'm nervous and then I talk faster.

When I was a child I was in speech therapy for a very short time. I used to pronounce some "r" sounds as "w". Like in the word "bird" I would pronounce the "r" as "w". I didn't have any problems with words that started with "r". My parents and teachers were hoping I would grow out of it but I didn't. So when I got to second grade they put me in speech therapy. I think I was only there a few times before I was cured of that particular speech problem. They said everything else regarding my speech was normal.

kirstee 04-10-2010 04:12 PM

Re: Speech problem part of Asperger's?
My adult son is an aspie. When he was young, he had a condition known as "aphasia". He had intense speech therapy during 1-3 grade by an itinerant teacher who withdrew him from class for therapy an hour each day. To this day, his speech is immature - he speaks better than he did when he was young, but he sounds more like a 16 year old kid than a 38 year old man. Now, having said all that, it may be you have a secondary speech problem that has nothing to do with aspergers, but what you are experiencing sounds like my son. Have you ever heard of "OASIS"? This organization helps people with aspergers/autism. You might find some help there.

Be at peace,

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