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Brookietrip 06-14-2012 09:27 PM

My 7 year old is different...
My son has always been very affectionate, he says I love you a thousand times a day which I am sure he got from me. He has always been extremely smart and was tested for giftedness this year per his teachers reccommendation ( though he did not pass because he was not paying attention) since he was small when he would be punished ( put in timeout) he would throw histerical fits, kick and punch the wall, blame it on everyone else, even telling him no for the smallest things would result in a huge meltdown or trying to negotiate (even at 2) before the meltdown. His teachers and doctor say he has an old soul and he walks around like he is " entitled". He has absolutely no empathy for anything he does to someone or if something bad happens. He can focus on things he loves and he is quite the little hoarder because he loves his things. His dad and I divorced 3 years ago and his dad moved out of state, this was surely life altering but they have a lot of contact and he visits often. Lately he is off the wall, says bizarre things like I hate you and my life, I want to throw you out the window or I don't love you , etc... He truly thinks he should be able to do as he pleases without punishment. He has been in trouble several times for wiping his butt on the bathroom rug which I have to throw out and buy new each time, he has gone to his room or the hallway to wipe his butt like a dog would on the carpet! He throws tantrums like a baby and he is out of my control. I took him to a behavioral pediatrician who said it's all genetic and he is just really smart, when I told his regular pediatrician about this she said she disagreed and the genetics have nothing to do with it. His sisters who he loves so much and ate the only people he is good with ate normally behaved children, even though they are only 20 mos and 3 mos old and girls they still act significantly different than he ever did at their age and my 20 month old has better behavior and manners already. I just don't know what is wrong, many have said he seems like he has asbergers(sp) so I was wondering from experts or parents of children with this, what does it sound like to you? Thank you in advance for your help :)

Brookietrip 06-15-2012 08:53 AM

Re: My 7 year old is different...
After reading many of your posts I noticed a lot of you talked about socks and shoes not being right, etc... My son does the very same thing with his shoes and socks often changing them several times before he is satisfied, he had been late to school many times because of it and the moment he gets off the bus, socks and shoes are off and do not go back on his feet until he absolutely has to. He loves my toe socks because they have no seam accross the top... They don't seem to make them for boys so I thought about trying to make them myself... I was also like this when I was young and I still kind if an, maybe it is genetic? He also frequently gets in trouble at school for being disruptive, not raising his hand, playing with others during work time, etc... He is talked to daily and you can try to make him look you in the eye and tell him 1 sentence and ask him to tell you what you just said and he has literally no clue! But he cam tell you what happened through a whole cartoon he just watched... He is so detailed and remembers stuff from when he was a year old but can't recall what a person just told him 10 seconds ago, the dic I took him to said it is just because he doesn't want to! It just seems strange to me, should I get a second opinion?

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