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mery 11-02-2012 03:08 PM

MRI: They found something
My 8 year old is in the process of getting a diagnosis. He had an MRI done to rule out other physical causes for his symptoms. They found, not 1 but 2 "something's". One is an abnormality that is normally seen in children with epilepsy. He has no history of it. He will be getting an EEG. The other is Chiari malformation in which we have to take him to a neurosurgeon. Pretty scary stuff! Anyone else have any input on this and related symptoms of Asperger's? These may explain some symptoms but not all.

techknight 11-29-2012 11:05 AM

Re: MRI: They found something
My son had an EEG when he was younger and they determined that he had Complex Partial Seizure Disorder. He also has ADHD and the stimulant meds tend to also stimulate the area having the seizures so we have struggles. He took anti-convulsants for years to help control his moods but now takes Lithium. I have heard that many kids being tested at this clinic come away with this diagnosis so I don't really know if it is true. Many Asperger's people struggle with mood or anxiety issues so it is hard to say. I do know that he functions best when he takes Concerta and Lithium.

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