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Ryaleigh 06-07-2015 12:34 AM

Can't use albuterol! Help!
Hello, I am posting here In hopes some of you brilliant people can come up with some ideas I could perhaps bring with me to my drs office on Tuesday and try to help them have an answer also!
I am a previously mild asthmatic that has been having a really bad time since February witb daily asthma attacks. I can't find my pft scores but they are not good. I right now am on a daily dose of prednisone and have been for months. The problem is I cannot take albuterol. I seem to get a pardoxical bronchospasm from it, levavuterol also but not to the same degree. It's that way no matter if I use the inhaler or I nebulize it. I am using Atrovent now, but it seems to make my lungs dry? That's my only guess at the feeling.. After so many uses and it doesn't provide that quick relief feeling and air movement that albuterol did before I couldn't use it anymore! Anyways sorry for the long story and I welcome any ideas!!

(Oh ps.. I cannot use LABA as I have really bad heart rhythms/dysautonomia) thanks!!!

Titchou 06-07-2015 06:35 AM

Re: Can't use albuterol! Help!
Are you using a daily inhaled steroid such as Flovent, etc?

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