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stargrave 10-17-2017 02:59 AM

Asthma ... Progression thru time?(2 Questions)
(Mildly detailed but necessary background for my case and questions)

I've got Asthma since 2014 give or take.

I was diagnosed while the allergist was checking me because of Rhinitis, which I also have. It started mild, I didn't felt anything other than cold like symptoms all year. Started treatment with Seretide. Everything ok, in my weight, great condition, etc.

Suffered from a leg contusion that left me out of activity for some weeks, then an Upper Respiratory Infection ended in a terrible Vestibular Neuritis which rendered me useless for weeks, maybe months to a final settlement of the Asthma with a constant vicious cycle like this: infection-flare-infection-flare.

Got some skin tests, positive(barely), for dust. Started Symbicort treatment 1x day, constant flares with oral steroids and nebulizers, needed to be supported by Symbicort + Pulmicort twice a day and Montelukast 10 mg. This was so tough that I was programmed for testing in a new drug protocol.

But before that test they put me on allergy shots which worked wonderful, so much that in three consecutive spirometries(for the new drug protocol) I tested normal and above average in my lung capacity, so I was discharged by the specialist after some months without symptoms, with just the montelukast one x day and the Symbicort twice a day, as a base treatment.

But THEN, you can check out my past posts, a year ago I've got attacked by a nasty bacteria H. Influenzae, which gave me the worst asthma attack to date and I feel that it affected my progression in general, because since then I've developed some specific symptoms, like the one thats the reason behind this post.

TODAY I was checked out perfectly by the specialist, no wheezing in the lungs, Peak flow meter above average, asymptomatic for a month, yet the specialist added an additional puff or Pulmicort twice a day to my previous baseline treatment.

QUESTION 1: Does this means that, even with medication and without any symptom the disease progresses?

Finally the reason of this post comes from a "strange" symptom which happens mostly at night and almost every time I've got asleep or starting to fall asleep.

I feel like I'm chocking and breathless, even in my dream. This wakes me up to a 130/85 p 86 in blood pressure, and because someone lend me a pulse oximeter, I've measured a SpO2 of 80% just as I woke up chocking in bed, but this improves immediately when I sit or stand up up to an SPO2 of 96%, to stabilize again around 92% in a a high altitude city(Mexico City).

Now I'm terrified of sleeping BUT I NEED to sleep, tried one puff of Combivent with almost no improvement. I'm not choking right now, just having a little bit of extra effort to breathe, almost in the NORMAL range, but this escalate immediately after I' starting to fall asleep and during my short dreams.

All of this started TODAY, at night, after a perfect morning appointment with the specialist...

QUESTION 2: What is happening to me right now?

I'm a 48 year old guy from Mexico City, High Blood Pressure(1 Losartan HCLa day), GERD(Omeprazole 1 capsule a day 20 mg), obese with LOTS of stress.

Any input is more than welcomed.

Everything was perfect

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