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croppingmom 10-21-2004 10:33 PM

Kids with Asthma
Hi, new here so be patient. Give you some history here, I have a 5 year old who was prone to ear infections tubes when he was 9 months. Seems he has always caught whatever cold was going around. When he was 2 the military docs said he had respritory destress and gave him liquid albuteral. We have now separated from the military. Things cleared up we relocated no problem. Now he is 5 and for the last year he keeps getting this cough the first episode lasted from March until May and went away when I used my other sons Flovent inhaler. In that time he was treated for Bronchitis twice, no mention of asthma but was perscribed Zyrtec for allergies (purple under the eyes). Last month the cough came back, (Flovent inhaler does not work this time) figured it was school germs. Took him to the dr. told her about using the inhaler and it going away the first time but not this time. She now says he has asthma and perscribes him an Albuteral inhaler and liquid steriod for 5 days. Says the cough will be gone in 7 days if not call her. Well it is gone for 1 full week. We now have had that cough again for two weeks. I took my son to see a different dr and get perscribe Flovent use it twice a day along with the Albuteral inhaler, Zyrtec, Delsum cough syrup. Cough seems to subsided some. Seems like a lot of meds for a kid. So my question is what is a normal life for someone who has asthma? He does not feel bad, but the cough sounds terrible and I get quite the stares when he starts a coughing episode in public. Still doing my research on Kids with Asthma. Thanks any advise is appreciated.

txcntrygrl 10-21-2004 11:33 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
I was dx as a child (not that young) with asthma. I remeber havign to take pills and back then it was called Proventil inhaler. For my coughing episodes my mom would put me in the tube with warm water. I also had a humidifier in my bedroom. I eventually outgrew (went dormant) it when I turned 22-23yr old. I am 31 and was dx as having asthma again last week. I have that attention grabbing cough. I am taking singular and vospire and I have an inhaler (albuterol). I also went through the ear tubes numerous times growing up. I was 8 months when I had my first set put in.

I have a 4 yr old daughter that suffers from eczema and allergies already. She is taking Zyrtec and has that Flonase spray which she hates. My 3 yr old is going through the same thing also. However the drs are more concerned with my 4 yr old. They think she will develop asthma eventually. I am just sitting here waiting to see what happens. I am scared for her and frustrated because not only do I have to deal with it myself but I remember my mom's fears when I had it as a child. I was hospitalized once because I coudln't breathe and my lips had already turned blue. I was scared so I could imagine how terrified she was. My daughter doesn't have a constant cough as I do but she gets one every now and then. It just doesn't last that long. It is just a sign that it is coming. I stick her in the tub to help her and when she is sick the only thing that helps her sleep is rubbing vicks on her chest and her feet then covering them with socks. Don't ask about the feet...I was told to do it by some old lady and it works.

Right now I am having to get allergy shots 3x a week and my 4 yr old is going to be next to get her allergy tests soon. I know they are going to want her to get shots and that is going to be hard to explain that to her but in the long run they say that will help her as she gets older if she ends up with asthma and severe allergies. (she has the black eyes too). I feel bad for her because she looks like she has had no sleep at all and is living a rough life and she is only 4. My dr said that the sooner you are treated properly the better off you will be ilater in life. I didn't have a very good dr as a child. I came from a small town and there was only one dr there and the community wasn't prosperous so everything was limited as to the quality of service of medical care.

Have you talked to an allergist about your son's problems? Talk to one that specializes in asthma and allergies. I know down here we have an Allergy and Asthma Clinic and the drs have high credentials. They have written their own books on allergies and asthma. IF we didn't have them here I would drive to the next biggest city (I don't care how far) to get the best treatment I can find for me and my family. I hope you are able to find good help for your son. take care.

croppingmom 10-22-2004 09:40 AM

Re: Kids with Asthma
I asked the dr if he needed to have allergy test done and he said "with such good med out there now that cover so much there is no real need t put a child through the testing. The test will most likely show him to be allergic to mold,pollun,dust mites, smoke, and animal dander". He did give my son a flu shot. He is very rarely around smoke (only in resturants) and that is rare that we sit by a smoking section and we don't have any animals. As far as the mold,pollun and dust mites not much you can do about that. I am going to get a mattress pad cover for allergies. Any other suggestions? I have not heard of an allergy/asthma clinic in our area will have to look into it. I live in south tx so I bet there has to be one and I just don't know about it.
Do you have to have a referral to go to one or can you just make an appointment.

txcntrygrl 10-22-2004 01:19 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
I live in south Texas too. We live about an hour away from Corpus Christi and I drive to Corpus Christi to The Allergy and Asthma Center. Dr Caplin and Dr Szabo are the main drs there. They have an area specifically for pediatrics. I don't know where in South Texas you are from but I know that this place was recommended by my obgyn and endocrinologist. You don't need to have an appointment to see Dr Caplin (allergist)but you do to see Dr Szabo because he is the dermatologist.

reader1 10-22-2004 04:20 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma

I was diagnosed with allergic asthma at age 3. I'm sorry your son is having a rough time.

I work with a lot of preschool children with asthma. Standard regimen in our area is Zyrtec and Singulair. Singulair is doing well for a lot of our children. For those who don't respond to it, Zyrtec, flovent inhaler. Albuterol inhaler or neb as needed for all of them, but Zyrtec with either Singulair or Flovent inhaler daily.

I would ask your pediatrician for a referral to an allergy/asthma doc. You need a referral only if your insurance requires it, but trust me when I say that there are specialists that are more competent than others. I wouldn't just go to one without knowing something. Other sources of referral to a GOOD asthma/allergy doc might include your pharmacist. If you have a Head Start program in your area, call and ask to speak with their Health Coordinator. (I work with a Head Start program - we know who the good allergy/asthma docs are in our area).

monacks 10-24-2004 07:28 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
Hi, my 3 year old son has been having problems lately too. You can read my other post about his not being diagnosed. He had eczema/allergies as a baby and was on zyterc. For the winter months they put him on Flovent and Singulair, then Albuterol as needed. It is scarey to watch your children get that sick. And I hate the thought of him having to be on medicine, possibly for the rest of his life. But, they are so advanced with the meds now, that the children shouldn't have as many problems as some of us did when we were kids. I am 34 and my asthma has been controlled for the past 6 years, due to better medicines. I do get tend to get respiratory illnesses, like colds and bronchitits more than the normal person, but I haven't been in the ER or hospitalized and I don't need my rescue inhaler as much. When I was younger, I saw the ER several times and my albuterol inhaler was always in my pocket. So hopefully, the kids with asthma won't experience the severe complications because these maintenance medicines seem to be getting better and better all the time. But you definately need to take your child to a good pulminologist to make sure that he is getting the best possible care.

croppingmom 10-24-2004 07:54 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
Thank you for all the information, he seems to be doing better. Still coughing a few times a day. The cough now seems to be cough and go on with whatever he was doing were as before the coughing spasm would last several minutes. Still watching him closely, he played his soccer game this passed weekend without any real problems.

croppingmom 10-24-2004 07:55 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
[QUOTE=txcntrygrl]I live in south Texas too. We live about an hour away from Corpus Christi and I drive to Corpus Christi to The Allergy and Asthma Center. Dr Caplin and Dr Szabo are the main drs there. They have an area specifically for pediatrics. I don't know where in South Texas you are from but I know that this place was recommended by my obgyn and endocrinologist. You don't need to have an appointment to see Dr Caplin (allergist)but you do to see Dr Szabo because he is the dermatologist.[/QUOTE]

croppingmom 10-24-2004 07:57 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
I live about twenty minutes from Corpus will look into the Allergy/Asthma specialist. Thanks.

txcntrygrl 10-24-2004 09:41 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
I used to live in Calallen....that would make my trips to the dr easier. Good luck to you and and your son.

storm12 10-25-2004 04:19 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
I was diagnosed around age 7, though I'd had symptoms for years. It's never gone away for me, although once I got out of my teens, it seems to abate somewhat for a while, but I could never go off medication completely. Also, I was FINALLY allergy tested at age 21, so it became less of a "let's just guess what sets off your allergy-induced asthma" situation. I, and my mother, became much more aware of things. I am now 29 and still getting allergy shots. I wish I had them when I was younger. My cousin had them when she was growing up, and no longer has to take any medication for allergies or asthma. Please get to a good allergy and asthma physician.

croppingmom 10-26-2004 08:22 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
Thank you for the references, I have also been looking for a dermatologist. My same son has little small flesh colored spots on his face. His pediatrician and 2 other doctors could not agree as to what they were just that he would out grow them or shave them off later in life. Wrong answer in my opinion. I plan on taking him off dairy for a week or so to see if that helps, which will be tough he loves milk. We missed giving him his inhaler yesterday morning and by the time I got home late afternoon he was really coughing and having a tough time. Used them late afternoon and bedtime and again a few hours later. Seem to be back to under control today or as controlled as it was the day before. Still confused about all this.

croppingmom 10-27-2004 10:44 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
One more quick question, is it common to have really bad breath when using an inhaler. My son has monster breath no matter how many times he brushes. This has started since we started the Flovent inhaler.

storm12 10-28-2004 04:27 PM

Re: Kids with Asthma
I stopped eating cheese (but still a little bit of dairy on occaison) due to rosacea, and it had the side effect of improving my asthma. However, if anyone had told me as a child to stop with the dairy, I would have rebelled. I now use rice milk on cereal.

If you go to a specialist, they might get your son on something more if he's really bad. I ran into trouble growing up because my asthma wasn't always under control. I used to wake up during the night in trouble with breathing - I would go through my "emergency" albuterol inhaler in sometimes as little as two weeks. This was bad, and my system became too used to the medication-and I ended up in the emergency room. I was fairly dependant on a nebulizer for years until better meds came along that did something for me, and I was able to back off on the albuterol and the nebulizer. Flovent never did anything for me at all.

croppingmom 11-01-2004 09:46 AM

Re: Kids with Asthma
Did a week a basically no dairy, wow that was hard and my son kept getting mad. Everything has some form of milk in it it seems. Anyway did not think it made any difference in him; however now that he has had dairy/milk he has that wet non-productive cough again. We are going to see and allergist in two weeks, hopefully we will learn something. I know they will be testing him as I was told to take him off Zyrtec 5 days prior.

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