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ladywolf789 01-30-2005 01:31 PM

Never ending cold....what meds?
My 5 year old son has had a cold since Christmas. He was on antibiotics and his nose and cough cleared up. Then a week later it came back..oddly enough so did my cold. Now we still have the yukky nose in the morning and the loose cough. My son has asthma, and is on Flovent 125 1 puff morning and night. What else can I give him? Doc said leave it, it will clear on its own. When I take Dristan I find my cough and stuffy/runny nose stop, but he gets sleepy on decongestants, and wired on the "non-drowsy" stuff. He has been tested for allergies, and although they came back negative, I think he reacts to something, we just can't find out what it is. We no longer give him dairy, wheat or sugar products...kinda limits his foods. And I damp dust ect...This cold or whatever it is just wont leave!!! His nasal discharge is creamy yellow in the morning, and clear throughout the day.
Should I try an antihistamine? Can you recommend one that is suitable for an asthmatic, and one that wont effect his asthma....I'm at a loss here. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks

singer1 01-30-2005 03:09 PM

Re: Never ending cold....what meds?
WOW! It sound like allergies if you ask me. I would get another opinion. What did they specifically allergy test him for?

jerrie97 01-30-2005 03:45 PM

Re: Never ending cold....what meds?
It sounds like it could be airborne allergies. He could be breathing something like dust mites in your house and reacting to them. Additionally, childhood asthma is mainly allergy-induced.

The first allergy test I took came back negative for everything. My asthma symptoms still persisted. I got tested again by a different allergist and reacted severely to a number of things. I'd suggest getting him tested again - there are a few different methods of allergy testing.

Another idea is acute or chronic sinusitis. My suggestion would be to get a referral to an ENT (ear, nose, and throat specialist). Even the sinusitis can be allergy-induced.

As for antihistamines, Zyrtec is one that's safe for asthmatics. It's by prescription only though.

singer1 01-30-2005 05:54 PM

Re: Never ending cold....what meds?
I have to take 1/2 of a Zertec if I take one and even that will make me VERY tired even into the next day, but it works great!

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