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Mom22greatkids 02-01-2005 02:29 PM

wheezing on inhale-could this be asthma?
Hello. About six months ago I started wheezing (when inhaling) at night while laying down in bed. I went to my family doc several times and each time he listened to my lungs he did not hear anything. I finally went to a lung doctor and she thought it was reflux asipirating into my lungs. She put me on aciphex and sent me for breathing studies and a chest x-ray. Both were normal. I went for an endoscopy which did not show anything. Last week I went for a follow up at my lung doctor and told her I'm still wheezing when laying down and she said that maybe I have a touch of asthma that the x-ray does not show. But I just recently read that an asthma wheeze is only on the exhale, not on the inhale. And why would I have it only while laying down? She gave me Advair inhaler which I have been taking before bed but I still have the wheeze. The symptoms don't bother me but I'm worried about what else it could be and maybe she's missing something. I'm not sure where to go now. Any help would be appreciated. Oh, I'm also on Clarinex for post nasal drip which seems to be helping. The wheeze is only in my left lung. I can feel the wheeze but not hear it.

bluebanana 02-01-2005 04:00 PM

Re: wheezing on inhale-could this be asthma?
hmmm, asthma is normally on the exhale, but can be on inhalation too. Normally that only happens during severe attacks and is called stridor, but everyones asthma is different. A lot of breathing problems are agravated by lying flat, try proping yourself up at night it may help. When my asthma is bad then I sleep practically upright! Also if the prob is reflux, then this should help that too. Sometimes I get wht feels like a wheeze on my left side but I think it is actually a weeny bit of mucus moving around or my tummy rumbling a little.
If you are still concerned I would go back and bug my Dr though!
Take care
x x x

storm12 02-04-2005 12:31 PM

Re: wheezing on inhale-could this be asthma?
If my wheezing is way down in my lungs I can feel in on the inhale - and if it's really bad, it's audible. It's actually fairly rare for me to have an audible wheeze on the exhale, except again when I am bad.

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