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celtic_mom 02-11-2005 07:59 AM

Recovering from lung infection...
How long should it take for my lungs to clear? Today will be my last dose of Levaquin and I'm still coughing some stuff up. It's no where near what it was at the beginning, but I would have thought that if the infection was gone, my lungs would have cleared. I'm worried about the infection not being completely gone (which is what happened before on xithromax) and this happening all over again.

I guess what I'm asking is if it is normal to still have some "discharge" after 12 days of treatment.

Gal4Dale88USP 02-11-2005 04:29 PM

Re: Recovering from lung infection...
I'm glad you asked that question,,,I'm in the same boat. I have 2 more days of treatment,,,not clearing up either.
Hopefully someone will answer!
~~Lorrie :)

tiggerwoo 02-11-2005 05:18 PM

Re: Recovering from lung infection...
Think there's some wierd bug around at the moment, on 3rd course of antibiotics now, but as there was a break in the course and I wasn't completely well and they wouldn't re-prescribe at the time, the infection is now in my knee as it travelled through my bloodstream, so you aren't alone, but make sure you are completely cured and hassle the doctor, cos I didn't and have ended up with what is possibly septic arthritis. Best wishes Clare

celtic_mom 02-11-2005 06:07 PM

Re: Recovering from lung infection...
Thanks for the replies. I think I will give my doc a call on Monday to see what she says. This is actually my 2nd course of antibiotics for what I'm sure is the same infection. I do not want to end up back in the hospital!

wrin 02-23-2005 12:12 AM

Re: Recovering from lung infection...
If the antibiotic course doesn't seem to be clearing it and you're not feeling better, maybe you might want to ask about a culture and sensitivity test, which tests the bugs you're growing in your chest against certain antibiotics to see what kills them.

It takes some time to come back (I think around a week) but it can help guide the physician to pick an antibiotic that he knows works on what you're growing instead of just using another shot-in-the-dark drug when his first shot-in-the-dark drug wasn't working.

This isn't to say levaquin is a bad antibiotic or your doctor's a moron, it's just that this testing costs money and isn't routinely done when it's suspected that the bug is something common, that levaquin will probably kill.

Blondee15 02-23-2005 01:43 PM

Re: Recovering from lung infection...
Agreed on the testing... last year I had a long drawn out case of bronchitis that just wouldn't go away from june 03 to feb 04. I took many diff kinds of antibiotics & finally I just had to take a really really long course of a high dose of Levaquin (they had been giving me zpack all along) & that finally worked. I had had a culture & although it took forever to ge tback it helped to put us in the right direction.

chuzzlewit 03-10-2005 11:54 AM

Re: Recovering from lung infection...
If your pneumonia (and especially bronchitis) doesn't respond noticeably within 4-5 days, it is probably viral in nature (40-50% of pneumonias are viral). No amount of antibiotics will help in that case. Taking multiple antibiotics will only hurt. If you do not have a high fever and you are not responding to antibiotics, then get lots of rest and drink lots of water, and give yourself 10-14 days to get over your virus.

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