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DMan10 03-21-2005 08:37 PM

Is this asthma?

I've had this annoying cough for about three or four years now. It's not like an actual cough, it's like a thrusting dry cough. I cough when I feel short on breath. I feel like I'm not getting to fully breathe. I cough so much that sometimes people tell me to try to control it. Is this a bad habit or could it be related to asthma?

Thanks for your help

nastabasta 03-22-2005 08:24 PM

Re: Is this asthma?
are you a smoker? it's hard to tell what's going on. it could be an allergic reaction, a lung infection, or asthma. your best bet is to call the doctor. that way they can evaluate you and figure out what's wrong. i'm saying this because i have asthma, severe allergies, and am prone to chest colds. your symptoms can be related to any of those things.

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